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3,840 / 3,840
Hatch progress 100%
3,840 / 3,840
Hatch progress 100%
3,840 / 3,840
Hatch progress 100%
3,840 / 3,840
Hatch progress 100%
3,840 / 3,840
Hatch progress 100%
3,840 / 3,840
Hatch progress 100%
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Type Race:
Never-Ending Nightmare (Ghost)
Joined: 07/Jun/2015
Starter: Rowlet
Rank: SSS Arceus
Balance Master Gemwish Badge
Blaze Master Gemwish Badge
Aqua Master Gemwish Badge
Volt Master Gemwish Badge
Forest Master Gemwish Badge
Glacial Master Gemwish Badge
Suplex Master Gemwish Badge
Toxin Master Gemwish Badge
Gaia Master Gemwish Badge
Aerial Master Gemwish Badge
Diurnal Master Gemwish Badge
Rattled Gemwish Badge
Geode Master Gemwish Badge
Spectre Master Gemwish Badge
Tiamat Gemwish Badge
Nocturnal Master Gemwish Badge
Forge Master Gemwish Badge
Sylvan Master Gemwish Badge
So excited for the site update! LF: Credits for my GP [link] ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

About Suríya

About the Titanosnek... People say a lot... so I watch what they do.
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Snek's Black Market Shop Suri's Mass Click List of Doom! Female - INFJ-T
Extroverted Introvert. Although they are sensitive, they are also reserved; the INFJ is a private sort, and is selective about sharing intimate thoughts and feelings. INFJ are also slow to trust and accept friendships.
- 33yr
April 14th, Aries ♈
- PST (WA)
I am -8hrs from the server time.
- Sona
My pokesona's species is called 'Milonair'. The pre-evolution is a 'Feetini'. Credit to Shazi for helping me create it! Milotic+Dragonair.

Hogwarts School House: Ravenclaw
Ilvermorny School House: Horned Serpent
Nintendo Switch Friend Code: SW-6714-5607-2305 PokémonGo Friend Code: 0552-5487-7055 Team Mystic!
These are my Friend Codes for both of my 3DS systems. You are welcome to add me; if you do please send a PM with your code(s) as well! Main 3DS XL: 0834-5447-1568 Secondary 3DS: 4012-8264-8140
PSN Username: PestilentCub. When you add me, I show up as Suriya Marie. Please let me know who you are in the request message!
: :: Feetini Lore -- Milonair Lore ::

Pattern & Nature Information

Pattern: Vibrant Pattern: Tundra I collect NAUGHTY as my main nature I collect IMPISH as my secondary nature.
Help feed the Snekmod? My drop fields have unsorted pokemon of whatever type that I am hunting or haven't yet released. The rest of my fields are a mainly-Spicy mixture of pokemon types. Best clicked with the field stacking CSS!
I have shed my skin so often that there is a graveyard full of people that I used to be.
Art by Animela for my use only.
I am a Clan Leader in two Clans (well, three because the PfqCG is associated with two official clans, but is not one in and of itself) that are a part of each other. The foll1owing is informtion on them.

The Mass Click Association

The Mass Click Association was originally run by Eltafez and recently she has become too busy to run it. Myself and Shazi will be taking over the running of the Clan (with Garthic to assist when needed) and reposting it with the same information. This is an association for people who wish to click and be clicked by others... and who hold the ideals of... well, having a ton of pokemon to click or pokemon to level for Wishforge. =P

The Shiny Collectors Association

The Shiny Collectors Association deals with people who shiny/albino/melan hunt and collect summons for legendary hunts. It is a collective of these people working in tandem to further the goals of its members by providing assistance to each other. This Clan may be familiar to those who were on PF1 or who were members of the clan from a couple years ago.
These two Clans will work in close association with The PfqCG (info on the next tab) which is dedicated to those who are hatching together. They are run by myself, Garthic and Shazi together so you may direct questions to any of us in regards to the Clans.

PFQ Hunting Click Group

{Open for Membership}
Please read all information before messaging myself or Shazi to join. We can tell if you didn't read it all~

The PFQ Click Group uses Discord in order to help each other hatch parties. We welcome users no matter what their activity level, whether they be a newbie who needs help filling their egg dex, or seasoned players who need a bit of a hand hatching those parties for hunts. Click on the image to read our rules and then PM Suriya or Shazi with your Discord name and we'll get you hatching in no time.
Current Hunt: Mini-hunts for Albinos! Current Chain: 3 {Shinies: 0 — Albinos: ??? }
Please make any offers for Shiny & Albino pokemon in my Black Market Shop. PMs about trades will be ignored or responded to with my generic response template depending on my availability at the time. Thank you.
Moderator Information Hired: January 9th, 2017 Training Complete: February 25, 2017
Were you one of the ones who saw my typo? I laughed so hard when someone told me... Guess I was still adjusting to typing 2017 instead of 2016! Whoops~ xD
  • "Can you help me delete/retrieve posts on the forum?"
    Yes, I can delete or retrieve threads on the forum. I can also delete accidental double-posts. If someone else is double posting, spamming or breaking any other forum rules please report them instead of messaging a Mod about it.
  • "Can you grant end-date extensions?"
    Yes, I can grant extensions. Please PM me a link to the thread with an end-date in question along with the reasons for your extension so that it can be discussed and decided on.
  • "Can you approve a link for me to post in chat?"
    Yes, I can give you permission to post a link in chat if I am actively doing things on site. If there is another mod in chat (a person with a YELLOW/GREEN name) please ask them before coming to me. Artists (those with PURPLE names) can't really give you permission. Unless it's Novan-Chan.
  • "Do you run the Battles and Gym forums?
    Yes, I run the Battle and Gym forums at the request of Constantine. The rules that are posted there are reportable if they are being broken. If you have questions about the rules, feel free to ask me.
  • "I messaged you and you haven't responded. Can I remind you?"
    Of course you can! If I didn't respond I likely read it during a very busy period of my day or from my phone... then forgot. I apologize! PLEASE feel free to remind me if it's been a day since your message!
  • "Can you give me permission to use this PFQ Sprite?"
    No. I cannot give you permission to use PFQ Sprites. You will need to use the Sprite Permission Request thread which is linked in my Links tab. Sei is the only one who can give permission for this.

As a General Moderator I can help with most things you need. If you have a question, please feel free to message me with it if you cannot find the answer by other means. The best place to look first is the Rules for the particular section of the forum or the site rules under the topic related to your question. If the rule isn't clear enough to answer your question I am more than happy to clairfy it. If you have a question about whether something should be reported, err on the safe side and do it anyway -- the worst that can happen is that we let you know that yes, it's being looked into or no, it's not an issue. I don't bite (even if I am a giant snek)! 💖

Some Useful Links...

"Do not send PMs about trades. If you are forum locked and unable to post, consider this a consequence of your actions. I DO NOT ACCEPT TRADE-RELATED PMS. Please make offers in Snek's Black Market shop!"
Collected Treasures
Dragonium Z: 85
Ghostium Z: 44
Waterium Z: 54
Royal Gummi: 3876
Planned Legendary Hunts
460 Zygarde
500 Dialga
500 Zacian
500 Zamazenta
6 Arceus
290 Rayquaza
7948 of the 777+ box Goal
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