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Toxel's AvatarToxel
Toxel's Avatar
hii I've been here since 2017 and only now am I making a journal o__o Vivillon pattern: river Maravol pattern: prism Fav types: Fav pokemon: - Toxtricity (specifically amped form but i <33 low key too) - Xurkitree - Blacephalon Fav exclusive pokemon: Opposkull Fav variant: Galvanic Quagsire

more favs

Canon pokemon
Porygon-Z, Spinda, Arctozolt, Dhelmise, Vanilluxe, Scrafty, Alolan Muk, Galarian Slowbro, Garbodor, Hypno, Unbound Hoopa, Mimikyu, Rotom, Polteageist, Banette, Klinklang, Magearna, Alcremie, Magcargo, Lurantis, Tangela, Parasect, Vikavolt, Galarian Zapdos, Muk, Weezing, Galarian Weezing, Dragalge, Gengar, Palossand, Shedinja, Midnight Lycanroc, Trevenant, Runerigus, Obstagoon, Mega Absol, Magneton
Mantidra, Aytheraye, Greegon, Hydrinifor, Skarasear, Skargas, Phantiidae, Arthreux, Bezermuut, Caimangle, Sagidamas, Moffkat, Incantasius, Kryptik, Konatus, Strelitzgon, Valenoir
Apocalyptic Mightyena, Blue Moon Magcargo, Halloween Witch Purrloin, Cerberus Houndoom, Arctic Camerupt, Shooting Star Clefable, Snow Combee, Aromakrow, Vampire Gliscor Fav Eeveelution: Jolteon, Sylveon Fav Alcremie Form: Rainbow Swirl Ribbon
More info can be found in my about me on my profile Pm if you want to know where to find me on other sites!
Journal avatar: screenshot of toxtricity's ingame model edited by me
Toxel's AvatarToxel
Toxel's Avatar
Current goals: - Upgrade all badges to wishalloy - Collect more xurkitree, blacephalon, and possmol/opposkull - Complete eggdex and pokedex - Get all s/a megas - Get every form of vivillon and alcremie (progress in about me) - Get every type and form of delta toxtricity (progress in about me) - Nickname more pokemon

Eggdexes needed

lunamor possmol

Pokedexes needed

Kanto mega blastoise mega alakazam mega slowbro galarian slowbro galarian slowking galarian weezing mega kangaskhan mega pinsir Johto mega houndoom Hoenn mega sharpedo mega salamence mega latios Sinnoh mega garchomp mega lucario Unova mega audino Alola silvally - all forms except normal + electric Galar hattrem hatterene mr rime crowned zacian crowned zamazenta single strike urshifu rapid strike urshifu Exclusives mega lunupine magma quibbit boreal tundrasail austral tundrasail saytaries taurminos sagidamas possmol opposham opposkull lunamor astrolochi PFQ Megas mega raichu q mega persian q mega arcanine q mega furret q mega girafarig q mega breloom q mega wailord q mega flygon q mega zangoose q mega milotic q mega floatzel q mega lumineon q mega scrafty q mega sawsbuck q mega goodra q Variants igneous bibarel totem skuntank q totem leavanny q totem maractus q totem braviary q totem mandibuzz q

Mega stones needed

1 abomasite aggronite x2 ampharosite cameruptite x2 gyaradosite lopunnite mawilite pidgeotite 2 absolite x2 banettite galladite gardevoirite gengarite glalitite heracronite lucarionite manectite medichamite steelixite 3 aerodactylite x2 audinite metagrossite tyranitarite 4 blazikenite charizardite x charizardite y sceptilite swampertite x2 venusaurite 5 dewgongite q dragonitenite q dunsparcite q x2 espeonite q x2 farfetchite q x2 flareonite q floatzelite q flygonite q froslassite q furretite q glaceonite q goodranite q hawluchite q haxorite q heliolite q jolteonite q x2 jynxite q x2 laprasite q leafeonite q liepardite q lumineonite q luxraynite q mightyenite q milotite q noivernite q pyrite q x2 rapidite q sawsbuckite q scolipedite q sevipernite q skarmorite q x2 sylveonite q tsareenite q umbreonite q vaporeonite q x2 wailordite q weavilite q zangoosite q zoroarkite q x2
Toxel's AvatarToxel
Toxel's Avatar



First Variant

08/Jun/17 From Sibley

First Exclusive (Obtained)

12/Jun/17 From poddostarline

First Mega


First Shiny

04/Jul/17 Random Chance

First Legendary


First Delta


First Exclusive (Won)


First Custom Sprite


First Albino


First Melanistic


First Special Delta

25/Dec/20 From Spritzee
Highest Tournament Rank - 43rd / 4,503 - Tournament #56 First Pokérus - 09/Oct/17 Highest TR Score - 3,086 points - Team Black Hole Eclipse, Apr/20
Toxel's AvatarToxel
Toxel's Avatar
I Draw Sometimes heres all the pokemon stuff i drew from like 2018-2020 or at least what i could find in my art folder :P I wanted it all in one place (not in chronological order) warning these are . Large Images and most of them have really bright/saturated colours u__u

part 1

these are from that forum game where you had to draw a pokemon belonging to whoever posted before you

albino swalot

melan tropius

part 2

groups of pokemon

trans rights

some normal types

gastropods :-)

dessert friends

part 3

it's a series of all the pokemon i used in my sword playthrough

alcremie (ruby cream strawberry)









galarian slowbro

toxtricity (amped)

vanilluxe (shiny)

part 4

this section is for.. Everything Else

alolan muk

version 2



version 2

toxtricity/alolan muk fusion

version 2


these are unrelated idk why they need to both exist but here we are :I


version 2

mega venusaur

if anyone is interested I can post the art that is not digital as well :3
Toxel's AvatarToxel
Toxel's Avatar
i messed up my hand x__x sorry if clickbacks are slow..
Toxel's AvatarToxel
Toxel's Avatar
i keep forgetting how to spell opposham/opposkull 😔 i have to like. actually think about it every time, it feels like it should be "oposs" instead of "oppos" Unless the wiki is wrong i guess?? cuz it also spells the word "opposum" hmm....
Toxel's AvatarToxel
Toxel's Avatar

version 2

Toxel's AvatarToxel
Toxel's Avatar
when you go through your inventory and quick sell a bunch of stuff for credits after not doing it in a long time.... very good i just got almost 2.8 million credits from doing that now time to spend it all on gems :P edit: now I have 456k credits and 1000 more ground gems than I needed to upgrade my badge xD
Toxel's AvatarToxel
Toxel's Avatar
I've been making css that makes certain pokemon bigger in the shelter for wishforge and decided to put them here in case someone else would find it useful! The code is from the "make shelter pokemon stand out" code here and slightly modified The pokemon I included are ones that evolve at level 25 or lower and other evolution methods like trades, items etc I don't have all the types done yet - I make them when it's time to upgrade my badge for that type


Pokemon included

Bellsprout, Bounsweet, Budew, Bulbasaur, Burmy (Plant), Cherubi, Chespin, Chikorita, Cottonee, Eevee, Gloom, Gossifleur, Grookey, Gumairy, Hoppip, Lombre, Lotad, Luckoo, Morelull, Nuzleaf, Oddish, Pansage, Parapod, Paras, Petilil, Phantump, Pumpkaboo, Rokiwi, Roselia, Rowlet, Seedot, Sewaddle, Shroomish, Snivy, Steenee, Sunkern, Swadloon, Taiveret, Tangela, Treecko, Turtwig, Weepinbell
#shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="4/2/s.png"],img[src*="2/z/j.png"],img[src*="p/z/g/i.png"],img[src*="v/i/1/w.png"],img[src*="i/z/8.png"],img[src*="1/g/g.png"],img[src*="m/r/a.png"],img[src*="6/f/g.png"],img[src*="4/c/g.png"],img[src*="1/f/z.png"],img[src*="b/6/k.png"],img[src*="h/c/7.png"],img[src*="w/8/r/3.png"],img[src*="j/w/j/v.png"],img[src*="z/y/9/d.png"],img[src*="k/h/l/n.png"],img[src*="n/9/2.png"],img[src*="k/s/t.png"],img[src*="g/4/p.png"],img[src*="l/c/p/g.png"],img[src*="q/b/j/o.png"],img[src*="c/l/2.png"],img[src*="7/x/g.png"],img[src*="f/j/l.png"],img[src*="k/3/t.png"],img[src*="h/r/c/h.png"],img[src*="a/h/j.png"],img[src*="h/v/f.png"],img[src*="f/m/c.png"],img[src*="c/x/z.png"],img[src*="x/a/t.png"],img[src*="4/e/i.png"],img[src*="t/n/q.png"],img[src*="m/q/0/n.png"],img[src*="4/x/n.png"],img[src*="b/f/j.png"],img[src*="q/8/i/g.png"],img[src*="9/9/l.png"],img[src*="4/h.png"],img[src*="t/l.png"],img[src*="m/6/0.png"],img[src*="a/8/4.png"],img[src*="k/t/u.png"],img[src*="n/h/w.png"],img[src*="j/8/k.png"],img[src*="l/c/6/d.png"],img[src*="a/g/w.png"],img[src*="f/e/n.png"],img[src*="1/b/n.png"]{ height:200px; }


Pokemon included

Doublade, Dusclops, Gastly, Haunter, Lampent, Misdreavus, Phantump, Pumpkaboo, Sinistea, Snorunt
#shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="9/p/r.png"],img[src*="l/0/v.png"],img[src*="f/m/c.png"],img[src*="c/x/z.png"],img[src*="x/a/t.png"],img[src*="4/e/i.png"],img[src*="t/n/q.png"],img[src*="7/h/t/q.png"],img[src*="e/a.png"],img[src*="y/b/a/k.png"],img[src*="d/1/n.png"],img[src*="3/q/c.png"],img[src*="f/2/b.png"]{ height:200px; }


Pokemon included

Burmy, Combee (Female), Early Bird Natu, Faemilarín, Faemueño, Flarbat, Fletchling, Flying Pikachu, Gligar, Golbat, Hoothoot, Hoppip, Ledyba, Luckoo, Magikarp, Metapod, Murkrow, Natu, Nincada, Pidgey, Pidove, Pikipek, Quetzephyr, Rookidee, Rowlet, Scyther, Silcoon, Spearow, Spewpa, Starly, Surskit, Taillow, Togetic, Togepi, Vampire Gligar, Wingull, Woobat, Yanma, Zubat
#shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="6/7/5.png"],img[src*="e/y/5.png"],img[src*="d/w/h.png"],img[src*="e/o/j.png"],img[src*="n/9/2.png"],img[src*="6/q/w.png"],img[src*="o/g/f.png"],img[src*="6/c/p.png"],img[src*="k/l/9.png"],img[src*="4/w/v.png"],img[src*="c/c/o.png"],img[src*="8/z/j.png"],img[src*="1/h/5/8.png"],img[src*="5/n/h/z.png"],img[src*="q/8/i/g.png"],img[src*="e/m/d.png"],img[src*="m/v/d.png"],img[src*="k/5.png"],img[src*="j/v/n.png"],img[src*="j/6/u.png"],img[src*="f/m/k.png"],img[src*="e/k/x.png"],img[src*="b/t/s.png"],img[src*="1/g/s.png"],img[src*="3/9/3.png"],img[src*="f/v/g.png"],img[src*="m/r/a.png"],img[src*="4/w/b.png"],img[src*="4/y/u.png"],img[src*="b/p/r.png"],img[src*="1/b/e.png"],img[src*="b/c/7.png"],img[src*="d/5/k.png"],img[src*="d/r/9.png"],img[src*="c/b/m.png"],img[src*="o/o/m.png"],img[src*="1/w/6.png"],img[src*="6/y/a.png"],img[src*="u/8/z/t.png"],img[src*="u/8/z/t.png"],img[src*="o/l/e/1.png"],img[src*="u/0/d.png"],img[src*="l/c/p/g.png"],img[src*="k/u/s/u.png"],img[src*="i/2/g/3.png"],img[src*="4/2/s/3.png"],img[src*="p/c/8/n.png"],img[src*="1/n/o.png"]{ height:200px; }


Pokemon included

Bunnelby, Burmy (Sandy), Geodude, Gligar, Graveler, Kenyip, Mudkip, Nidorina, Nidorino, Nincada, Onix, Phanpy, Piloswine, Rhydon, Sandshrew, Tympole, Vampire Gligar, Wooper
#shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="b/0/5.png"],img[src*="k/g/4.png"],img[src*="e/y/5.png"],img[src*="d/w/h.png"],img[src*="b/p/r.png"],img[src*="h/s/0.png"],img[src*="9/s/t.png"],img[src*="o/u/0.png"],img[src*="6/j/b.png"],img[src*="5/k/b.png"],img[src*="j/a/4/c.png"],img[src*="l/g/9.png"],img[src*="p/6/5.png"],img[src*="i/0/b.png"],img[src*="e/9/a.png"],img[src*="o/m/7.png"],img[src*="o/k/8.png"],img[src*="i/4/p.png"],img[src*="m/m/w.png"],img[src*="9/w/0.png"],img[src*="p/c/8/n.png"],img[src*="u/9/w/y.png"]{ height:200px; }
Toxel's AvatarToxel
Toxel's Avatar
evolving gastlys for wishforge because of the ghost vwave and accidentally getting tournament points XD might even hit the hard goal! Edit: i did not

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