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Seen it a couple times in the past week or so: Q: How do I put a clickable link in my trainer card? A: You need to use the shortlink for that page. You can get it by using the "Get shortlink for this page" link at the bottom of the page you wish to link to.
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Thank you for these folks! Keep them coming, I've compiled most of them and will be updating the FAQs. Opinions and thoughts are most welcome!
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Q: What does "Sei power" do? A: Sei Power serves to boost all shiny chances, but is more boosting for those with no boosts. (I got this from a post by niet in a now-deleted thread)
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I know this is a couple weeks old, but it may help to point out the each eri Power doesn't necessarily mean the same amount. Isn't it exponential or something else non-linear?
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It's exactly as I said: Everyone's boosted, but you *see* the effects of the boost more if you have no boosts.
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Is there any way to lower sheen? I'm trying to evolve my Feebas, but sheen is maxed and I can't give it anymore pokeblocks
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Hello! this thread will be locked going forward since it does not see much use. If you have a specific question not answered in the FAQ please check out the PFQ Wiki or create a thread in the Help Forum.
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