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Melanistic Hatching Thread

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annador's Avatarannador
annador's Avatar
aaa finally my turn to post a dreep ;A; <3
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gastlygirl's Avatargastlygirl
gastlygirl's Avatar
First melan under 1k! Posting a whole storytime about it in my journal lol. 😍
schleifi's Avatarschleifi
schleifi's Avatar
Resumed the Ponyta hunt to refill for trading - didnt took to long to get the first:
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gastlygirl's Avatargastlygirl
gastlygirl's Avatar
Less than twelve hours and eggs later, I hatch a sweet one to keep baby. 😍 with a shiny twin!
schleifi's Avatarschleifi
schleifi's Avatar
And another one, a lucky day indeed:
Leacky's AvatarLeacky
Leacky's Avatar
It's nice to get a quite early Melan after that nightmare of a hunt I had with Delibird
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abingy1297's Avatarabingy1297
abingy1297's Avatar
Last party of the night gave me quite the surprise! Just came back to this hunt yesterday because of the electric v wave. Ultimately want 2 melans from this hunt but might pause it for either some gem hunting or to finish up some other saved hunts
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ShadowNova's AvatarShadowNova
ShadowNova's Avatar
Finally last one! What..?
M4jority's AvatarM4jority
M4jority's Avatar
Probably gonna be my shortest chain ever. I was chaining nosepasses for tourney and this beautiful guy showed up C:
Peachi's AvatarPeachi
Peachi's Avatar
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! a flying boy and his ghosty twin sister ;u;
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Pages: 123··· 590591592593594

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