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Melanistic Hatching Thread

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teddyArrives's Avatarhypermode-12.pngteddyArrives
teddyArrives's Avatar
Hatched this little lady a few days ago! Last caterpie egg of that day that I hatched, too! Edit: Oh crap, sorry that I broke the Within Two Days Rule! :X
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Elizadesu's Avatarhypermode-12.pngElizadesu
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I just hatched this bab and I'm so shocked, this is my earliest melan ever asdfgfhjk <3
SharlaTheHoms's AvatarSharlaTheHoms
SharlaTheHoms's Avatar
I think I have y'all beat when it comes to early melans. 38 eggs in, first special in the chain Dex trading.
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Look who finally decided to show up! My baby blue-ears is here 💙 Hatched @ egg #6,057, took 3 months, 4 Ubercharms, and finally getting Arceus rank (also I swear the Type Race helped too, he hatched an hour after reset, so TR had just started)
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Cassy1235's AvatarCassy1235
Cassy1235's Avatar
I hatched this baby yesterday~
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Corviknight's AvatarCorviknight
Corviknight's Avatar
First party with 17% Sei, and wow I'm glad I used my Z-Crystal :'D
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teddyArrives's Avatarhypermode-12.pngteddyArrives
teddyArrives's Avatar
Oh man!!! I was just hatchin dwebbles and this beaut popped up! I'm incredulous!
I am foaming at the mouth right now might want to get that checked out I just hatched this Melan :) This is like the 4th place I've posted it XD I'm just excited :p
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--nevermind-- Somehow I couldn't see my own post.
FYI Alchemists Fire You actually posted it about 3 days ago in this exact thread :p

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