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Melanistic Hatching Thread

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Juku's AvatarJuku
Juku's Avatar
Surprise low-Chain Melan when trying to complete the Misdreavus line's Specials!!! Still need another Shiny & Albino, but now I've got this gorgeous girl!! ^v^ Wondering if she should become a Flutter Mane or a Mismagius... hmm...

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Zenøn's AvatarZenøn
Zenøn's Avatar
i-i swear this is a different phantump... but still... 2 melans under 200 eggs.. i guess this is the power of sei day huh.. hopefully i can get one more male!!
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TsunWatanabe's AvatarTsunWatanabe
TsunWatanabe's Avatar
1st Melan down, just need the female!
Numbers's AvatarNumbers
Numbers's Avatar
My girl is finally here ♥
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Peckish's AvatarPeckish
Peckish's Avatar
This one finishes the line! My first ever full melan line! (Also 4 melans in 2000 eggs is pretty good for me 👍)
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Kahuna's AvatarKahuna
Kahuna's Avatar
Did not intend for this to be a melan hunt lol... was just hatching some Larvesta for the day for the type race
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Gallevoir's AvatarGallevoir
Gallevoir's Avatar
My second ever Delta Melan! Unfortunately it's not a type that those on my bee list are looking for, and it's a guy to boot; but I'm still going to try to sell in the Trade Forum if there's interest!
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SakuraWolf23's AvatarSakuraWolf23
SakuraWolf23's Avatar
Was not expecting one so early (3/121). Goes to dad since it's Any preference, though.
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NAUGHTY's Avatar
I got lucky with a type race melan 🖤 2nd in the chain, i dont really need him so hell probably go uft in my shop when i open it ^^
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TsunWatanabe's AvatarTsunWatanabe
TsunWatanabe's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by TsunWatanabe

1st Melan down, just need the female!
First time posting twice in one day ! Not female or my nature so first time I'll have a Melan uft. I grind on!

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