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Maleficent's AvatarMaleficent
Maleficent's Avatar
Ahaha hunting the new variant on a whim had both albino radar and shiny charm up. didn't activate ubercharm for the first 30 eggs. and that's not a mistake, I just wanted some to swap to make an adequate pair. But then I saw a grass-delta shiny and was like... oh no. I'm thinking, alright, it's 20-power Sei, I'll get one a bit eaiser than I would normally. so I activated my Ubercharm 2 hours earlier than planned and bred and hatched and next thing I know, 78 hatches and nothing still. huh. aight. fine. I keep breeding and clicking and breeding and hatching and clicking and clicking and clicking and I'm like? Sei?? Hi?? WORK? I got one (1) shiny at the very end of the day. and it's not even the right nature. got an albino I could keep though. So yay.

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