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Ryujin73's AvatarRyujin73
Ryujin73's Avatar
Hello to everyone! ^_^ About Me I am known as Ryujin73 (Formally PantherKing73, you can still call me Panther if you'd like), or Ryujin for short. I'm pretty much a White Vampire Lucario / Dragon-Cat who dreams of becoming a true Dragon Master like those before me. I'm not much of a Shiny Hunter yet, but I do pretty much Gem Hunt for badges.

Clicking Habits

I usually prefer S+S fields and of course Sorted Fields so that I can evolve, level up, or hatch eggs faster. I normally click my own fields first (I'm pretty sure most of us do if not all of us :P) Thanks to the Auto-Stacker Code, it makes my job a lot easier. Even if you got messy fields, as long as it's single-berry, I'll still click if I feels like it.

Who I Click

I have a list that I click in no particular order. 1) Allethiaa 2) Lunaress 3) Balache404 4) Primaesthetics 5) Darkstaria37 6) Suriya 7) Who could this be?.. I'll have to find out...

What I Hoard

Dragon Types of any kind! I also collect Spicy-Prefered Pokemon of the following right now Lucario Gardevoir (Female) Flygon Lopunny Gallade Zoroark Metagross Altaria

Wanna be on my Daily Click List?

If you meet the Clicking Habits requirements, then shoot me a PM and I'll add you to my Daily Click List! I'm always willing to help as much as I can!
Oh wait, there's more!

How many do I have in my fields?

This will be updated definately, but I currently have: 2500+ Pokemon! One thing I failed to mention. I sometimes have more, but they are usually messy ATM and are not worthy of Mass-Clicking. So I have them in hidden fields until such time.

The Darkness Within Story

Check out my Story! :3
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