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Complaining about the Alola legi unlocks

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GinKurosu's AvatarGinKurosu
GinKurosu's Avatar
My gosh, it is so unnecessarily difficult to get the dex unlock for Alola. It is just so bloated by the Silvally formes and Ultra beasts. The former being gatekept by requiring the latter being fully unlocked, which is in turn locked behind needing Lunala and Solgaleo, which are locked behind summoning the Tapus, which are locked behind the very thing I am complaining about. Not to mention how many of the things that don't fall into those categories are Totem formes which are just so tedious to get since they each require the specific mon to do at least 30 scours with only a chance of finding a sticker each time. Of course a single mon does not have the energy needed to go 30 times in a row, so it is broken up even further. I cleared every other dex unlock with no issues what so ever, it is only the Alola unlock that is ridiculous. Am I just like missing something here?
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SlitherCain's AvatarSlitherCain
SlitherCain's Avatar
Yeah, I personally have this issue minorly with Johto as well, but at least with Johto, you just need the patience to breed Unowns which can be done quickly. Alola? There's only 58 mons from Alola that are just "breed, evolve", then there's two more Lycanroc forms which can be easy (60) and the Alolan forms count but some of THOSE require the Tapus so in total you can get 15 (75) but you still need to reach 97 which isn't even enough with the totems btw with only +10 because of Alolan Marowak (85) which means there is ELEVEN. And people still weren't supporting years ago when someone with common sense said "hey, this isn't fair" because "oh they lowered it once already". When you can get nearly all the non-legendaries, regional forms, and bother grinding for a long gimmick TEN TIMES and it still isn't enough, there's a problem and I'm baffled this hasn't been talked about more because it's bluntly unfair if you don't want to touch trade with people. Edit: I did have to skim lightly but I think my math is right here and if it might seem off, I did leave out mons that are impossible without the Tapus and didn't bring up Magearna, since doing the math there quickly you can get 41 eggs, not enough to unlock the use of their summon item. Yes, Alola is in a state where you're more likely to get the Dex summon before the Eggdex summon which is certaintly not the case for other dexes, add that to the issue here.
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Saladfissh's AvatarSaladfissh
Saladfissh's Avatar
slithercain mentioned it, but i really do recommend dexing some of these. alola is the only regional dex that's really not fun to go through and it's better to minimize how long you spend on it imo. in a similar vein, ultra beasts were by far the most annoying thing i've had to do in this game. unless you really really want a living dex, dex trade totems especially. they're not worth the time unless again, you want a living dex.
GinKurosu's AvatarGinKurosu
GinKurosu's Avatar
Yeah it seems like that is unfortunately what I am gonna have to do. I just hate trading like that because it just feels like I didn't actually earn it. Like yeah it is entirely a me thing there, but like... yeah.
SlitherCain's AvatarSlitherCain
SlitherCain's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by GinKurosu

Yeah it seems like that is unfortunately what I am gonna have to do. I just hate trading like that because it just feels like I didn't actually earn it. Like yeah it is entirely a me thing there, but like... yeah.
That's exactly how I feel. While I do grab legendaries from the Shelter whenever I see them if I don't have it, even if I have to summon them later, I felt really bad having to ask someone to touch trade their Totems so I could unlock the Tapus, but I was wanting to unlock Summons quickly and well, getting your own isn't "quick".
Reima's AvatarReima
Reima's Avatar
Oh boy I Remember this Grind lol I was flying through the Dex, gleefully leveling up my mons, following the V~Waves and working hard, completing requirement after requirement And then there was Alola. Where it felt like I wasn't really making any progress at all I was Lucky in that I had found mons like the Tapus from the Shelter, but I still had to trudge through the process of Totem Scours and who knows what else But I did it With only a few minor touch-trades with irl friends. I Think I traded for Wishiwashi schooling form & revealed Minior, maybe a totem too, but yeah It certainly felt like an accomplishment, but more than being proud, I was just relieved it was over Alola with all the Ultra Beasts & Silvally memories, it's like a witch's circle, the stuff you mentioned on needing X to get Y, but X is locked behind Z, and Z is behind another thing You really had to fight to complete this one, finding what you even Could do to increase progress at times Good luck with your Dex! You'll get there eventually~
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Haptsonirî's AvatarHaptsonirî
Haptsonirî's Avatar
i'm frustrated with the alola dexing efforts too! i'm looking at silvally and the ultra beasts and it seems like such a grind — which i usually enjoy, i spend most of my time online on grinding clicking sites like pfq lol, but this seems just exhausting. i've got the totems that i can, so far, but i still need to grind to save up for masquerain's sticker (or wait until it's available to scour for stickers). i personally like having a living dex but i'm not looking forward to this one!!
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JadeJester22's AvatarJadeJester22
JadeJester22's Avatar
I'm REALLY dreading the Ultra Beasts... I've only got the nhelgeo part done.
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Niet [Adam]'s AvatarNiet [Adam]
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QUOTE originally posted by GinKurosu

Of course a single mon does not have the energy needed to go 30 times in a row, so it is broken up even further.
Very minor note here, but Tiredness actually doesn't have any impact on finding Totem Stickers at all. The Sticker check takes place before the main loot table, and only the main loot table is affected by Tiredness. So you can, in fact, find Totem Stickers with exhausted Pokémon just fine.
Yes, Alola is difficult before of many factors, but I should also note one option that seems to be forgotten by many people: Marshadow and Zeraora are accessible via Master Unlocks, so unless Alola is the first or second region you throw yourself at, you should be able to get them without too much additional work. Meltan is also readily accessible, though Melmetal will be a grind to get (but still doable solo). Between them that should give you enough to EggDex get Magearna, and all combined that should push you across the threshold to get the Tapus. Hope that helps!
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Mada's AvatarMada
Mada's Avatar
Yeah this is the one I'm stuck on too. I've hit every master unlock, and every other egg and dex unlock from every other region. Stuck on Alola having had no luck breeding Diglett or Geodude, and starting the totem grind. Snagged the Tapus out of the shelter and the Alola stuff is literally all that's between me and unlocking Arceus. It's rapidly moved from "challenging" to "frustrating".

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