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This is a PFQ/Pokemon fic insipired by this! NOT a one-shot! A horror story, kind of.
Release software? >Yes >No 'Unknown' has selected 'Yes' Spread software? >Yes >No 'Unknown has selected 'Yes' Are you sure? >Yes >No 'Unknown' has selected 'Yes' ERROR 000 >Abandon >Continue 'Unknown has selected 'Continue' Are you sure? >Yes >No 'Unknown' has selected 'Yes' >Really continue? This is your last confirmation >Yes >No 'Unknown' has selected 'Yes' Releasing... Spreading... Download Commencing... DOWNLOAD COMPLETE
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Full credits here. PFP => Salty_Lightning on Pinterest Button => Kaelwolfur
A long time ago, PF1 had a bug. It was a rumor. The bug's name was P0ryg0n_403 The bug would cause a particular place - a strange file - in your trade center. There would be a compelling notification. It was the pick-up notification. The Pokemon pick-up notification. It was nothing out of the ordinary. The moment you went to your trade center, and you check what Pokemon it was, the name would show up: P0ryg0n_403 A strange name, but nothing out of the ordinary. But- The moment you even hovered your mouse over it, or clicked on it, or tried to interact with it - It would vanish. And automatically be placed in your party. It doesn't matter what Pokemon is in your party. He always swaps with one - and he doesn't seem to picky about which one. And from there, your life becomes a nightmare. As if the bug wasn't bad enough, you can't release it. If you try to ignore it, it will get worse and worse. If you try to touch the bug, rename it, tamper with its bio, anything- It responds with a message: ERROR 500: Internal server could not process You have tried everything. Eventually, you gave up. If you just left it in your party, however, strange things will start to happen.
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Interesting! Also what happened to the Pokemon it would swap with?
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Ava I'm not done -_-

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