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2024 PFQ Goals

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Welcome! This is a yearly goals thread with a twist ♥ The idea is to come in at the start of the year with what you aim to achieve during 2024, and come back through the year to share your milestones with the community! The goal is for this thread to stay active enough that users can have a full "year in review" to look back on their, and the community's, aspirations! Some ideas of things to talk about include: - Hunts you would like to complete - Badges you would like to level up - Activity / Interaction / Task completion goals - TypeRace or other event progress - etc.! On repeat visits, you are also free to talk about how/if your goals for the year shift and why. It is up to you to determine how often you pop back in o/ Be it monthly, every other week, or as you meet goals. It is very important that the tone in this thread stays positive. Please take care to uplift yourselves and your fellow farmers by celebrating each others goals and accomplishments. This thread also comes with an optional gimmick: bingo cards! These are fun visual aids of a user's site goals, that will hopefully incentivize people to return with updates! Note: You do NOT need to make a bingo in order to contribute to the discussion! You are free to come in and discuss your goals for 2024 same as anyone else, irrespective of format. :]

The Bingo Section

THREAD BINGO RULES 1. For ease of moderation, there is one template allowed in this thread. It is found below. 2. For ease of thread navigation, all cards must be placed under hideboxes. The hidebox code is built into the card code, so please do not go out of your way to remove it. 3. Your goals are the focus of this thread, with the cards as a visual aid. Please avoid posting them without participating in the discussion, or making them into a game. If you would like to compete with friends, keep it in PMs. 4. Please do not alter your cards to create a fake Bingo, as it is not in the spirit of the card creation / use. There is nothing to "win" here but your own personal satisfaction, which is only gained through hard work. 5. Your card is simply a tool. The contents, how difficult they are to achieve, and when/however you consider it "completed", is all up to you and your personal play style! Please take care to craft it in a way that brings you joy.

F2U CSS Card Template

Mochi's Free to Use BINGO Card! This code is very simple to use and will give you the ability to mark spaces as complete when you're finished. 1. Every square is pre-loaded with the img code for Pokemon sprites, simply replace "CODE" with the sprite img code. You can find these on the Wiki. If you do not wish to have your card be entirely hunts, you can use item codes, tooltips, and/or other images from site to represent your goals. Check Croc's card for examples. 2. If you complete a square, swap what's in it with [sc=c][/sc]. This will change the background color of the square. If you are doing a hunt, place your Pokemon's platform code between the [sc=c] and [/sc]. If you have another goal place the text / contents between the [sc=c] and [/sc]. 3. You may edit two things about this template and NOTHING ELSE. These are the colors of the BINGO header, and the background of completed cells. @header-bg changes the background of the BINGO header, and @completed-bg changes the cell background of completed cells. 4. Ask JustCallMeMochi for permission if you need or want to edit the code in any other way. They are not responsible if your template becomes illegible, though the base template and colors are legible. Do not remove the credits.


[hide=My Card][table] [tr] [th]B[/th][th]I[/th][th]N[/th][th]G[/th][th]O[/th][/tr] [tr] [td][img]https://pfq-static.com/img/pkmn/CODE.png[/img][/td][td][img]https://pfq-static.com/img/pkmn/CODE.png[/img][/td][td][img]https://pfq-static.com/img/pkmn/CODE.png[/img][/td][td][img]https://pfq-static.com/img/pkmn/CODE.png[/img][/td][td][img]https://pfq-static.com/img/pkmn/CODE.png[/img][/td][/tr] [tr] [td][img]https://pfq-static.com/img/pkmn/CODE.png[/img][/td][td][img]https://pfq-static.com/img/pkmn/CODE.png[/img][/td][td][img]https://pfq-static.com/img/pkmn/CODE.png[/img][/td][td][img]https://pfq-static.com/img/pkmn/CODE.png[/img][/td][td][img]https://pfq-static.com/img/pkmn/CODE.png[/img][/td][/tr] [tr] [td][img]https://pfq-static.com/img/pkmn/CODE.png[/img][/td][td][img]https://pfq-static.com/img/pkmn/CODE.png[/img][/td][td][sc=c]FREE[/sc][/td][td][img]https://pfq-static.com/img/pkmn/CODE.png[/img][/td][td][img]https://pfq-static.com/img/pkmn/CODE.png[/img][/td][/tr] [tr] [td][img]https://pfq-static.com/img/pkmn/CODE.png[/img][/td][td][img]https://pfq-static.com/img/pkmn/CODE.png[/img][/td][td][img]https://pfq-static.com/img/pkmn/CODE.png[/img][/td][td][img]https://pfq-static.com/img/pkmn/CODE.png[/img][/td][td][img]https://pfq-static.com/img/pkmn/CODE.png[/img][/td][/tr] [tr] [td][img]https://pfq-static.com/img/pkmn/CODE.png[/img][/td][td][img]https://pfq-static.com/img/pkmn/CODE.png[/img][/td][td][img]https://pfq-static.com/img/pkmn/CODE.png[/img][/td][td][img]https://pfq-static.com/img/pkmn/CODE.png[/img][/td][td][img]https://pfq-static.com/img/pkmn/CODE.png[/img][/td][/tr][/table][ ][sc=credits][tip="[url=https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/388973/Orthrus-Template-and-Graphics-Market]Coding and button art by JustCallMeMochi[/url]"][img]https://behindthemoonpfq.com/assets/images/pixel-art/personal/mochi.png[/img][/tip][/sc] [style] @header-bg = #900D09; @complete-bg = #900D09; @import 'skins/user/J/n/p/p/bingo-card-css/__extra' [/style][/hide]
Mochi has developed two more cards: the default one with more colors editable, and a mini-version. Do NOT use those codes in this thread. They are intended for use in Journals and About Mes respectively. Mochi's Template Thread

Example: My Site Goals + Card

Howdy! I'm Croc. :] I've been enjoying my stay on Pokefarm thoroughly, and have a lot of goals planned for this year! I'll get the most important ones out of the way. 1. I'd like to host every single type of TypeRace team at least once! Quite a big goal, and I'm hoping to chip away at it by simply running any month I have time + energy. 2. I'd like to hatch a sour special legendary! I'll be hunting Xerneas and Registeel for May and June TypeRaces respectively! 3. Another of my long-term site goals is to hatch a melan furfrou for every trim! That is 10 total, and I'm hoping to hatch my first two of the chain in 2024. :]

My Card

v-fairy.png v-steel.png v-fighting.png
Host 5 TypeRace Teams This Year!
gem_fairy_l.png gem_steel_l.png
Get Wishalloy Fairy + Steel Badges

For Returning Users

Users coming from the "PFQ Bingo" thread, here are some tips! 1. You must use the new card. Not all is lost though! If you saved your old one, you can copy + paste the range from [table] -> [/table] into the new template, and be okay. 2. Pay mind to the new hidebox rule. 3. Feel free to edit your cards to add other site goals! The original version emphasized hunts, but this version is more free. Don't feel restricted to what you posted previously. 4. This new thread is centered on discussion instead of the cards themselves. Please chat a little about your goals to help this shift in focus along!
And that's all! Let's all have a great 2024 filled with many sparkles :D

My Name: Croc! My Site Pokesona's Name: Rocco!
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March 16th!
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A friendly reminder that if you are bringing contents from a previous bingo card please be sure to utilize the new bingo card CSS! You can grab all information within a previous card's [table] [/table] contents to seamlessly utilize the newer version of the cards. Thank you everyone for your patience with this thread's revival it is greatly appreciated. May everyone have amazing luck in their 2024 goals!
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*thinking* I'll get something going tomorrow but given how my previous thing was something I could easily Replicate using MS Word and Paint, would that be fine or do I *have* to use the CSS, because if so I'm likely not going to, call me mad but I'd prefer to stick to the previously mentioned method.
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QUOTE originally posted by Ryko Seratuno

would that be fine or do I *have* to use the CSS, because if so I'm likely not going to, call me mad but I'd prefer to stick to the previously mentioned method.
Due to the extensive issues that led to the deletion of the previous thread, it was decided that it'd be best to consolidate the bingo formatting in one template. I apologize for any inconvenience caused by this call. You are still welcome to share your goals here regardless, but the cards here (in this thread! You can make your own for your journal, etc.) will need to be the template provided.
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My Card

(but Three Segment)
I think that's all done right? Boy I hope so! So yeah the Krookodile is already obtained thanks to type race, but the other goals: - That Iron Moth melan is specifically gonna be delta. Don't know what type, just a delta. Probably after the delta point buffs go live. - Going for melan Three Segment Dudunsparce is going to slow down absolutely everything else but whatever! - Also related to changes coming later this year, the exclusives! The awful breeding process and costly investment via the tournament shop meant I had no interest hunting any of these before but when they become easier to breed, heck yeah. - Not listed since everything else is a melan and they'd stand out a little awkwardly, but I'd also like to get shinies for Xurkitree and possibly Chi-Yu sometime too. They're just probably going to be very costly.
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Fair enough, thanks for replying. I'll just type out any specials I might be on the hunt for and edit in a strikethrough as and when they get completed! Shouldn't be any problems with just letters and words.
yay new thread! my main goal for this year... is to complete my bug collection! and there is only 20 left, so very possible!!! except.. it includes legends, so My other goal is to hatch melan buzzwole! or any legend!!! third goal is to get my first melan exclusive. probably a Klaatupillar, so i put that on my bingo card bugs!!!!!! all done :) mostly final goal: all wishalloy. looking POSSIBLE! I really want the gold trainer card bwahaha here's my bingo!!!

bingo :)

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Hello ^^ These are my goals for 2024! I'm just getting back into being more active so alot of my goals are based around that! Most of the bingo mons are full lines or finishing hunts but for ease it'll just be one xD Please let me know if i did this wrong or if i need to fix something!
  • Participate in type races more often. I used to be a very avid type racer but due to burnout and the lack of motivation I went on a huge on and off hiatus.
  • Be more active in my clan. This goal is all about the Arceus Wonders clan, I’ve been in the clan since i joined the site (at that time it wasn’t the arceus wonders clan) and with the hiatus, i stopped contributing and helping out as much as I used to and I would love to be able to do that again.
  • Get all badges to nintendium/wishalloy. This one is pretty self-explanatory but It’s been a goal of mine since I discovered what wishalloy was xD
  • Make a start on my shiny/albino living dex (Kanto). I’ve always wanted a shiny/albino living dex but have never spent the time to get it done, so this year my goal is to complete Kanto and hopefully get started on another region.
Edits: Updated Alolan sandslash, removed shiny applin & replaced with melan darkrai (Realized I had enough shinies xD). Added Melan Whirlpede, Added Melan Mew

My Card

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Here's what I said in the previous thread:

QUOTE originally posted by abingy

Thought I'd also join in! My main goal this year is to finish my electric melan living dex (or at least all the remaining non-legendary mons) so they account for about half of my chart. Then a quarter of them are just random hunts I've been wanting to do and the remaining quarter are unova hunts as I'm toying with the idea of doing a unova melan living dex as I get closer to finishing up my electrics. Most of these hunts are gonna be for full lines, but for the purposes of bingo, I'm gonna count a square complete from just the first hatched melan. Good luck everyone! :)
I'd also like to start working on my S/A living dex again but that's mostly a buying goal so that depends on how I decide to spend my currency lol

My Card

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Ok this sounds fun Hmm my goals for this year? Well I'd love to get my melan Jestur at some point, get a melan UB.. Hunt a few fakemon... Maybe host TR at some point, haven't decided.

My Card


fakemon hunt card

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