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Cledo and Silver Adopt Shop OPEN!❤

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Crowvict's AvatarCrowvict
Crowvict's Avatar
@Cledànio If Crystal Cove is still available, would love to grab them!
Avatar art was done by PrismPaws on Twitter. Character's belong to Me.
Lyra1234's AvatarLyra1234
Lyra1234's Avatar
@Silver Raven Can I get Roserade X Zamazenta for 1000zc? @Cledànio Can I get Midnight Miracle for 800zc?
Silver Raven's AvatarSilver Raven
Silver Raven's Avatar
@Lyra1234 Yep sure!!! Send the trade, please and thank you<3
Cledànio's AvatarCledànio
Cledànio's Avatar
@Crowvict and @Lyra1234 sure! Please send trade with payment and I'll send you link to the full size references!

Cledanio | She/They| Adult

33/550 until hunt!
0/550 until hunt!
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Code @RAINB0W Forum Icon @SilverRaven on PFQ Signature Pagedoll @Me
Type Race Score; 0
Porrim's AvatarPorrim
Porrim's Avatar
Cledanio: I am IN LOVE with the boxer, can I grab them for ZC please? :'D
Memento Mori.
illud93's Avatarillud93
illud93's Avatar
@silver, hello again! may i please snag that xerneas x g. rapidash fusion for zc? :D

currently buying:
medium electric gem / 2zc each
large electric gem / 20zc each
gems ( electric only )
wishing star / 20zc each
fire fang / 20zc each
order's crest / 20zc each
summons ( please make offers in my shop! )
Kang's AvatarKang
Kang's Avatar
silver, if the Aromatisse gijinka is available can i get it for zc and gift it to a friend?
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I collect Tidal Bells
I buy them for 150k cr or 30 zc as long as i can afford it! Please DM me if you have any for sale!

Forum Icon: By LilypadLife of my character Frost! Check out their art shop!
Code @Colorful Pixel art @Blazermaze00
Ashe Moon's AvatarAshe Moon
Ashe Moon's Avatar
@Cledànio If still available, may I adopt mountain ghost got zc pls?

Ashe | She/Her | 32

Selling everything in my visible fields :3
Ashe's Emporium (shop) Art shopTHdAcredits


Code @RAINB0W Art shop Banner @MochaFox pfq Signature Pagedoll drawn by @AsheMoon Images next to the shop banner @AsheMoon Divider @ dA f2u Profile picture @Swampamus
Silver Raven's AvatarSilver Raven
Silver Raven's Avatar
@illud93 and Kang Sure! Thank you so much I'm so glad that you like my designs ;w; Send the trade please <3
Cledànio's AvatarCledànio
Cledànio's Avatar
@Porrim and @Ashe Moon hi!! Yes, both adopts are available, please send me trade with payment and I'll send you link to the full size images!

Pages: 1234··· 353637

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