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TR hunt

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Summerstrider's AvatarSummerstrider
Summerstrider's Avatar
I have a ralts hunt for the TR, and I want to continue it even after the TR. How do you do that? Do I simply keep hatching Ralts eggs, or do I have to do something else?
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Volixagarde's AvatarVolixagarde
Volixagarde's Avatar
Yeah, as long as you have a chain now, you can continue that train as long as you'd like
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ValleryP's AvatarValleryP
ValleryP's Avatar
As long as your shiny chain is currently Ralts then just keep hatching Ralts eggs. TR is just a little event that goes on and doesn't hinder a shiny chain. Now if you had another chain going on before TR started then you'll either have to break that chain by hatching a non-psychic Pokémon then start your Ralts Chain OR you can use a PR Stick. Edit: The good thing with TR is that it won't break chains while you hatch your team's type.

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