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Mocha's Shoppe

A fragant scent drifts through the air, and you follow your nose eagerly towards a tiny bright shop in a dark back alley, where there’s a slightly ajar door. Two bunearys hop around brightly, making sure everything is alright. The air is full of sweet scents, and Pokemon linger longingly around the outside, staring at boxes of berries with undisguised desire. One side of the shop is completely stacked with shiny boxes and trinkets. A line of pokemon are using the evolution items stacked in a pile nearby, and a few impish pokemon are curiously poking at the boxes. Stalls litter the shop, though the place is quite tidy. One particularly large box stands out to you; you see a curious array of glittering items poking out. The walls are full of colorful posters, sales, updates, and advertisements. Near the front of the shop, you see lots of pokemon eating berries together, while others hurry around. A graceful Mega Mew daintily leads you into the shop, towards a tiny corner. A trainer steps out behind a counter and holds out her hand. “Hello.” she greets. “I’m Mocha. Would you like a berry? A Box? An evo or summon item? A mega stone?” You nod, and wait expectantly. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Stock is constantly updated. CURRENCY EXCHANGE RATE! 5k credits | 5 gp | 1 zc Here, we have UFT: Common/Normal/Rare/Special Berries Evo Items Summon Items Consumables Boxes Treasure & Possibly more to come! ACCEPTING AS PAYMENT(But not buying): ° Other shinies I don't have ° Other albinos I don't have ° Origin Sashes [Summon for Mew] ° Gold Gummies ° Medium Normal Gems P.S. If you are subscribed to this, I advise you to silence your notifications from here, as it may... get... a little annoying... sorry! TIME TO ADVERTISE! My Journal! Here you can come here for the latest updates on my life... Tranquil Lake: CS, S/As, Summons! This small and modest shop was made by @Azelas and is one of my favorite shops. You should totally check it out! The owner is very kind too. Please show them some support and love! Hakuna's Convenience Store: Pairs, Boxes, Summons, Charms, and More This shop was make by @Hakuna Zenyatta . The shop has awesome prices for shiny and albino pokemon. Also, their layout makes it easy to find out where something is. Go there for great deals and affordable stuff! Smol Sweets Shoppe! This is a really sweet shop with wonderful sprites and a friendly owner! Check it out!
Call me Kara. Really wants melan Reuniclus... avatar by @DuchessLunaire ! Their art is so cool! Check out their shop! my lone shop! -> shop my journal! -> journal the awesome joint shop i share with @hanamochii! (in the making of) Ralts hunt! 564h/1s/0a/0m
5/400 for Diancie hunt (probably will never happen)


An Espeon trotted up to the girl and laid a paper at her paws, which the trainer picked up. The trainer held out the scroll to you. "But if you want my service, you must read and follow these rules, no exceptions!" she insisted. The pamplet read... All Pokefarm Q rules and side guidelines apply. I have the right to deny your offer for no reason. Using the forms I provide is an optional choice, but will be helpful. Be respectful to the owner and other customers, or else I won't allow my service to you. (But if you are rude to customers, I may consider just banning you in weeks.) Clearly state what you are purchasing. You have 24 hours to accept the trade I sent you. Then, I withdraw my side and you don't get anything. Forms are optional but passwords are not. I don't care how you put it in your post, just include it and make sure that you can clearly see what the password is. Do not offer what you don't have. My stock is constantly updated. I have a life outside pokefarm too. consider that before nagging at me to reply/finish up hunt/send trade! You cannot buy more than seven berries a day, two evolution stones, five evo items (not evo stones), [ask] summon item, one mega stone, and/or three boxes. Make sure to confirm. I don't want you drying out my stock! Password for reading the rules: what bonus counters are active today? [online almost 24/7 so i'll have an accurate answer.] if you get this wrong your order won't be ignored, but i'll give you a warning. Also, if there are no bonus counters active, just tell me 'none.' The first customer will receive a discount depending on their order! WHAT I'LL TAKE AS PAYMENT (But not actively buying): Origin Sashes (300k credits/300gp/55zc) Z-Crystal Fragments (95k credits/100gp/20zc) Gracidea [NOT summon item, forme-change item] (195k credits/200gp/40zc) Usuable Event Tokens (50k cred/equiv) Gold Gummies (1000 credits/1gp) CURRENT AMOUNT OF CURRENCY: 5,333 credits 1276 gp 0 zc In ALL cases, GP is PREFERRED!


Common Berries

The girl led you to one corner of the shop. "Here's the common berry center, where my Sylveon is attending to. Come back to her or me to complete your purchase! You may offer a price." She spoke. STOCK: Cheri Berry: 9x Chesto Berry: 4x Pecha Berry: 15x Aspear Berry: 9x Leppa Berry: 9x Oran Berry: 19x Rawst Berry: 9x Lum Berry: 11x Sitrus Berry: 9x Figy Berry: 3x Wiki Berry: 9x Mago Berry: 5x Aguav Berry: 4x Persim Berry: 11x Iapapa Berry: 8x


After intently looking through the common berries, Ribbon gently guided you to the normal berry stand, where a male Meowstic was attending to. Ribbon used one of her... Well, ribbons, to point to a sign saying 'Come to me or Cream to get these ones! Once again, offer at your own price! Razz Berry: 114x Bluk Berry: 20x Nanab Berry: 125x Wepear Berry: 34x Pinap Berry: 97x Pomeg Berry: 14x Kelpsy Berry: 3x Durin Berry: 240x Qualot Berry: 12x Hondew Berry: 11x Grepa Berry: 15x Tamato Berry: 12x Magost Berry: 28x Cornn Berry: 2x Rabuta Berry: 8x Nomel Berry: 5x Spelon Berry: 4x Pamtre Berry: 1x Belue Berry: 1x

Rare and Special Berries

The Meowstic (Now known as Cream) rode on your shoulder as it pointed out the next part of your shop: the rare section of berries. You passed a happy delighted Nickit and a satisfied Natu sharing a Tanga Berry together. After leading you to your destination, Cream teleported away. You see a laid-back looking Gardevoir. "Whatsup?" you heard in your mind. "Alright, so here's what rare berries we have, and offer at your own price like always." Gardevoir gestured at the bright berries. Rare Berries Occa Berry: 13x Passho Berry: 7x Wacan Berry: 13x Rindo Berry: 4x Yache Berry: 7x Chople Berry: 11x Kebia Berry: 11x Shuca Berry: 8x Coba Berry: 6x Payapa Berry: 5x Tanga Berry: 5x Babiri Berry: 3x Charti Berry: 5x Kasib Berry: 8x Haban Berry: 12x Colbur Berry: 11x Roseli Berry: 7x Chilan Berry: 4x After showing you the rare berries, Gardevoir led you to a smaller stall next to her's. Out popped a Glaceon. "This is Aurora, and she's a bit bashful but she'll be glad to help you with Special Berries! Offer the market price, but divide by four and multiply by three. Come back to me when you're done." Gardevoir told your mind. The Glaceon waved quietly. Special Berries: Liechi Berry: 3x Ganlon Berry: 6x Salac Berry: 9x Petaya Berry: 3x Apicot Berry: 3x Lansat Berry: 5x Rowap Berry: 3x Starf Berry: 4x Kee Berry: 7x Maranga Berry: 2x Micle Berry: 3x Custap Berry: 1x

Evolution Items

After confirming that you were done at the Berry Stations, Mocha brought you to a small stand, where there was a pile of evolution stones. A line of pokemon were waiting expectantly, but Mocha led you to the front anyways. "On my orders." she calmly explained. The crowd shuffled disapprovingly. Suddenly, an Umbreon popped out of the pile, making you shriek. It cheerfully pointed to a sign that read: "My apologies if I scared you!" Next, it pointed to another larger sign engraved by deep marks: "Offer a price!"

Evolution Stones

EVOLUTION STONES: Dawn Stone: 1x Dusk Stone: 5x Moon Stone: 2x Fire Stone: 6x Ice Stone: 4x Water Stone: 1x Leaf Stone: 2x Oval Stone: 8x Shiny Stone: 1x Thunder Stone: 6x

Evolution Items

EVOLUTION ITEMS: Cracked Teapot: 3x Deep Sea Scale: 2x Deep Sea Tooth: 3x Dragon Scale: 4x Dubious Disk: 4x Galarica Cuff: 7x Galarica Wreath: 2x King's Rock: 6x Leek: 4x Magmariser: 9x Metal Coat: 1x Protector: 6x Razor Claw: 1x Reaper Cloth: 4x Electiriser: 1x Sachet: 5x Sticky Barb: 3x Sweet Apple: 7x Tart Apple: 4x Up-Grade: 3x Whipped Dream: 4x

Special Evolution Items

SPECIAL EVOLUTION ITEMS: Ancient Power Orb: 2x Double Hit Orb: 3x Dragon Pulse Orb: 7x Mimic Orb: 5x Rollout Orb: 2x Stomp Orb: 5x Taunt Orb: 4x Everstone: 2x

Here's The Deal About Boxes.

The Umbreon gaily leapt over the pile after you confirmed what you wanted and brought you to a back door. You opened the door hesitantly and saw a storage room jammed full of boxes of all vibrant colors. Surrounded by piles of boxes, a Jolteon was intently sorting through a box and setting aside a berry and a clear gummy. Umbreon wrote on a piece of paper and handed it to you. It read: "Here's my cousin, Darling! She'll be glad to help you!" The Jolteon waved lazily and showed you a piece of lamanated paper. DARLING'S DEAL ABOUT BOXES Okie! So my owner mocha has an announcement about boxes! if you pay her 25/50/75 gp or equiv! she has two scour slots and two scour boosts, so her luck is pretty good! if she sends you a trade and you don't send anything back for 24 hours, she'll cancel your order, send the box to the next person and if you want an order again you'll have to ask! please note that mocha's got a life outta Pokefarm too, so be patient! she may be in the mood to hog em' up sometimes but she'll get around to your order! she ain't take boxbox orders cuz that's too much for her to fulfil, and the most you can order... well, per order is 10 boxes! you may only submit one order a week at most. Mocha currently has 0 boxes she is willing to sell. Boxes are NFT unless she has more than 5.


After you checked out the boxes, Darling led you to a large box. You peered in and realized there was a female Meowstic sleeping soundly! Darling sighed. She tapped the Meowstic, who yelped as she was zapped. "We have a customer, Strawberry." Darling whispered. She looked apologetically at you. "Alright, calm your fur." the Meowstic stretched. "Hello, would you like any of my yummy squishies or sweet candies? Or this icky pill that will make you grow small?" She also handed you a yellow square of wrinkled paper. (Side note, I call what you call a gummi a 'gummy.') GUMMIES Brown Gummy (Ground type) 2x Grass Gummy (Grass type) 2x Grey Gummy (Rock type) 1x Purple Gummy (Ghost type) 1x Red Gummy (Fire type) 1x Green Gummy (Bug type) 2x Clear Gummy (Ice type) 1x Royal Gummy (Dragon type) 3x Silver Gummy (Steel type) 2x White Gummy (Normal type) 1x Wonder Gummy (Fairy type) 4x Yellow Gummy (Electric type) 1x NOTE (PAPER): Hello! This is Strawberry, the talking CS Meowstic you just met! For gummies, the Physic type gummi/y (called the Gold Gummy) is not for trade, just wanted to say! Additionally, if you're looking for a certain type of gummy, I could be on the lookout for them and trade them in depending on how many you want! My limit per month is 10 gummies. Ask questions if you have them! (Every type-gummy I hunt is 1gp, however if you order ten then a discount will be activated and you'll get two more for free.) Other Consumables (Around market price!) Sweet Heart (Happiness increased by 8) 5x [NFT] Doom Seed (resets a pokemon's level back to square one) 5x

Summons and Mega Stones

The CS Meowstic teleported you to the next place. A Mega Furret waved cheerfully and pointed to her nametag: Garnet. She led you to a box of shiny things and another box of three glimmering stones. Summons: Offer a little less than market price. The prices added should give you a basic idea of how much to give per one summon, but it may be outdated. If so, please tell me and give me your own offer. > Thunder Feather (Zapados) 180,000 credits/180gp/36zc > Steel Statue (Registeel) 135,000 credits/135gp/27zc Sapphire Orb (Kyogre) 305,000 credits/305gp/61zc > Diamond Tiara (Diancie) [2x] 150,000 credits/150gp/30zc [NFT] > Komainu Figurine (Volcanion) 150,000 credits/150gp/30zc > Origin Sash (Mew) [NFT] > Spectral Leiomano (Marshadow) 230,000 credits/230gp/46zc > Gold Statue (Regigas) 130,000 credits/130gp/26zc ~ SUMMONS NOTE: Will trade 1-1 as long as I'm interested and it's fair! looking for origin sashes and music boxes ~ SUMMONS NOTE: Reluctant to sell multiple at one time. Ask before sending trade. ~ SUMMONS NOTE: Offer near market price, but please don't lowball me :( Mega Stones: Offer a little less than market price. The prices added should give you a basic idea of how much to give, but it may be outdated. If so, please tell me and give me your own offer. ~None at moment, my dears! Check back later!~ ~MEGA STONE NOTE: Buy one a day at most, sorry for being picky but on low stock ~MEGA STONE NOTE: If you ask, I could consider trading my mega stones 1-1 if I'm either looking for it, I'm interested in it, or the mega stone you offer is the same tier as the one that I'm offering, but if you want something and will give it for another tier feel free to ask me about that.

Misc. Items + Treasure

(will edit!) 1 Fossilised Drake 1 Waterium Z 1 Fairium Z 3 Fairium Fragments 6 Waterium Fragments 11 Daycare Passes Shelter Pass B Treasure: Relic Gold: 2x Brick Piece: 3x Pretty Wing: 8x Tiny Mushroom: 1x Silver Leaf: 2x Pearl: 3x Gold Leaf: 1x Big Mushroom: 1x Big Pearl: 2x Nugget: 2x Scrap Metal: 2x) Rare Bone: 1x [NFT!]

Free Dexing And Freebie Service!


So I had the dexing as a trade thread but it got deleted cuz the 14 day stuff, so here it is for good! The rules are simple. You have to return the dex in at most 20 minutes. It'd be really helpful if you returned it earlier, though. If you disappear offline with my dexing pokemon, I will not hesitate to report you unless you have a really, really, really good reason. You can dex anything in my fields, but please submit five and under pokemon per request. If you disregard this rule, I'll just send you the dex pokemon for the first five requests. You need a password. Also, let me be clear about this part. Dexing is for you to complete your living dex and then send the pokemon back, NOT to let you keep the pokemon. For trust issue reasons, you must be above Elite. If you are an Elite, then I may allow you if you have a clean record and if you have read the rules very throughly. Tips/donations are welcome and appreciated, but not required. You can write in a pokemon's description, but you can't erase anything already there. And, you can't take the items attached to a pokemon, rename pokemon, lock or unlock something, and/or unlock something and then feed it and then re-lock, I hope y'all have a nice day, and I'll be waiting for any requests. :) P.S. the password is your rank. (In the future, if I have time, i may be willing to add what I have! But for now, you have to look through my fields!)


Freebies! All of my freebie fields are labeled. I have exclusives, varients, legendaries, glaceins, leafeons, fodder normal pokemon and perhaps more! These pokemon are looking for good homes, so please treat them well!

Forms For Individual Categories:

Strawberry drowsily teleported you to the last station: the forms one. "This one is optional, actually, but it'd help Mocha a lot." she clarifyed for you. "Bye." Strawberry disappeared. The stall Wigglypuff, who's nametag had 'Cotton' blazened on it, waved and pointed downards silently, inviting you to take a look at some lamanated papers. FORM FOR BERRIES: Hi Mocha! I'd like (number) (common/normal/rare/special) berry/ies! Payment: (credits/gp/zc) Offer: (number) (credits/gp/zc) Split Payment: (yes/no) Password: Others: FORM FOR EVOLUTION ITEMS: Hi Mocha! I'd like (number) (evolution item)! Payment: (credits/gp/zc) Offer: (number) (credits/gp/zc) Split Payment: (yes/no) Password: Others: FORM FOR BOXES: Hi Mocha! I'd like (1-10) boxes for (price is 25gp/box) gp or equivalant to that amount! Payment: (credits/gp/zc) Offer: (number) (credits/gp/zc) Split Payment: (yes/no) Password: Others: FORM FOR CONSUMABLES: Hi Mocha! I'd like (number) (gummies/sweet hearts/doom seeds)! Payment: (credits/gp/zc) Offer: (number) (credits/gp/zc) Split Payment: (yes/no) Password: Others: FORM FOR SUMMON ITEMS: Hi Mocha! I'd like your (summon item) please! Payment: (credits/gp/zc) Offer: (number) (credits/gp/zc) Split Payment: (yes/no) Password: Others: FORM FOR MEGA STONES: Hi Mocha! I'd like your (mega stone) please! Payment: (credits/gp/zc) Offer: (number) (credits/gp/zc) Split Payment: (yes/no) Password: Others: Dexing needs no form, but keep in mind that you must include the password for reading the rules and the password for reading the dexing rules. EDIT: I was a little vague about this so I'll explain some more. Forms are optional but passwords are not. They should be included in every buying post, especially if you are a one time customer. If you have bought multiple times from this shop, every month you just have to give the password one time, and then you can wait another month without passwords before having to give it again when ordering something. Click this link for more info.


A dark red Liepard took you from Cream and brought you to the counter of Mocha, where she was tending to a Smoochum. After sending her off, she turned to you. "Did you find anything worthwhile?" she asked. You nodded. She smiled and nodded cheerfully. "Ok! Here's your total." You paid the item(s)'s worth and put it in your bag. Mocha waved. "I hope you enjoy my shop and come back soon!"


I am open for business, don't hesitate to put your offer forwards!

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