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Updated: 6/29 This Big ol post will be including the ART That I have done. starting with sprites thenw ith artwork. I'm not going to be including the shiny versions of said sprites now seeing as many can see them in various places. Though I won't update sprites unless I know someone has them and the artwork will typically take awhile to show cause I gotta find them lol >>

Pkmn Sprites

Fenniken, Braxien, Delphox + left handed: Updated: Malamar: Binacle and Barbarcle: Clawitzer: Tyrunt and Tyrantrum: Noibat n Noivern: updated: Sylveon: Updated: Litleo line: Zygarde (all forms):

PFQ exclusives dex

Lunupine: Orkit and Orcalot: Famueno, Faemilarin and Faemisimo: Shooting Star Cleffa, Clefairy and Clefable +egg

Mega Sprites

Mega Absol: Mega Lucario: Mega Lopunny: Mega Sableye: Meha Mawile: Mega Garchomp: Mega Venusaur: Mega Aerodactyl: Mega Gengar: !

PFQ Megas

Mega Lunupine: Mega Rapidash: Mega Arbok: Mega Flygon: Mega Raichu: Mega Noivern: Mega Wailord: Mega Giratina: Mega Jirachi:


This area will be reserved for any other sprites, such as NPC, CS, Items, Etc. that I have made. This will only be if its a complete finished image. Custom Sprites: World's Championship Pikachu: Birthday Garth: -list of cosplay pikachu outfits here- Items: Diamond Tiara: Komainu Figurine: Hyperspace Ring: Zygarde cell:

Edit notes

This area will contain notes on sprites (both by me and edited ones not by me) that were done after 1st replacement of sprites were uploaded to the site. • Fenniken: There was 1 previous sprite before the Fenniken sprite that is seen now. that sprite only lasted under a day due to the negative input on the sprite and the position it was in. • Braxien: Same sprite as previously seen. My edits were making it its current size and making it so its not holding its stick. • M. Rapidash: Very minor edits. replacing and editing pixels that were misplaced, missing and wrong color. Albino and Melanistic M.Rapidash sprites are 1 of 2
Actually its 2 of 4 but you get what I mean...Right?
of the only sprites done by me under Ledah's approval. No, I will not show these sprites here, so if you wish to see them, find them. • M.Furret: Looker was the one who made Mega Furret's Sprite and its Shiny. I contributed mainly by just making the art concept from fusing the former concepts done by myself, Looker and Naiyala, along side in making Mega Furret's signature Whiskers and the Mega Stone used. I also, at last minute (which caused the delay to the MCW9 event) I also made Mega Furret's Albino and Melanistic Sprites. Previously Said with M.Rapidash, I will not be showing either the Albino or Melanistic Sprites. Go find them I also felt that since I didn't make the whole sprite, I will also not be showing Mega Furret here in respects to Looker.SHooting Star Clefable: 5/22 I've been so annoyed by how SSClefable was when I 1st made it an had it added. It was nearly the size of SSClefairy and its lines were so bold. SO what I did is I simply made it larger, tried keeping it to the pose the 1st SSClefable I did was in and I fixed the lines so its not as bold. Say hello to the new SSClefable! • Mega Giratina Mega Giratina has went through like 3 or 4 designs before getting its official design that is currently used. Due not being able to show everything that is intended for Mega Giratina, Everything that isn't shown will appear as its "official" Art! Due to last edits and adjustments to Mega Giratina and some Issues, Sei helpped big time in making Giratina's Melan and finishing the Albino. • Primal Dialga and Primal Palkia Sprites completely made by Key. I only made edits to their normal colors. That is all c: • Litleo Sprite Made by Sei. I only edited this sprite. Widened the head, fixed its right eye, made the flame/fluff larger, fixed pixel errors, darkened Lineart, and fixed colors.


List of Pokemon I've worked on that are Albino. This mainly consists of NEW!Albinos, since any old!Albinos will be replaced. Its a bit of a list since I helped in the Albino/Melan overdrive project. No Sprites are going to be shown here cause I want you guys to be excited seeing these. This will not be updated til all New!Albinos are updated


List of Pokemon I've worked on that are Melanistic. Its a bit of a list since I helped in the Albino/Melan overdrive project. No Sprites are going to be shown here cause I want you guys to be excited seeing these. This will not be updated til all New!Albinos are updated

Important, please read!

I wanted to saw something else and link something. Thread Regarding Art Theft Sprite Premission Request Thread
Sentence in Italic Bold has been pulled from Disclaimer at the bottom of the page
"• Our images may not be used without express permission - it will usually be granted, but we prefer you ask first rather than just steal ;) " Keep in mind that sprites for Gen6 AND Exclusive PFQ Sprites are all done by the Graphics Team because Gen6 doesn't have normal sprites like Gen1-5 and PFQ Has its on line of exclusive Pokemon(encluding megas) that can only be found here on Pokefarm. Premission is needed if anyone wishes to use PFQ sprites for whatever reason. This also applies to ANY image that doesn't belong to you! How would you like it if someone took something from you that you worked very hard on and they claimed it was their's? Or even better, they scirbble on it a bit and said it their's. How would you feel, huh? you'd be very upset, wouldn't you? Then don't do it to others! Ask 1st and be truthful! So remember guys, ask 1st! ___ on a side note- Staff doesn't accept user help in making albino/melanistic sprites from users. Most of the time, its also usually has been done in violation to using site art without premission and you guys can get in trouble. Do NOT do it, please!
Art By Novan Code by Shazi
Novan-Chan and all forms of her belong to me Art for the Avatar of Novan is made by me for my use only!
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