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-In the lab- -The first day/Mission explanation- -meet Britan- - -Finding Nunka - -Berry Hunting - - The Daycare - Roury and Lyf are Tossed into the Old Man's Daycare for a bit of "babysitting" because of their overbearing arguments being distracting while Meadow and Nunka(Ninetales knows the best berry picking spots) are off to go berry hunting. - Berries for a Future Garden. They're both tossed into the backyard where Roury immediately starts Grating on him. Strip 1: Roury: "This is just great" "Now because of you we're stuck here until WHO Knows WHEN they'll be back from berry hunting!" She poofs up as he kinda just stares and sticks his tongue out. Lyf: "Youno if you weren't so crabby all the time maybe we'd be going too." Strip 2: Roury: "Yeah well you want to know why I hate you?" "You're stupid, fat and lazy. /splitframe/You don't DO anything." "You were sent with her to be the battler but instead you've replaced me as the pet! YOU took -MY- spot!" "And GREAT you're not even lis-" *stares down in surprise* Strip 3: Roury: She's staring at an Egg sitting between them with Eevee markings. "Where in the bloody-" Her face reddens. "wait..." Face goes blue "I was spayed YEARS ago!" Face goes green Strip 4: Lyf: He looks over poking it with her leaf. "Hmm..." Roury: "WHAT is THAT supposed to mean? I THINK I LAID an EGG." Lyf: "Meh... Good Job I guess." Roury: "What do you mean good job?" Lyf: "Well normally Grass/Monster and Field isn't compatible at all." Strip 5: Roury: She's on him trying to pull his leaf off as the old man picks up the egg. "You idiot! We've NEVER been compat-" She stares as the Old man picks up her egg. Old Man: He gives them a weird look. / Roury: <Uhm...> Roury: She sits at his feet looking up at him. <Mine...?> Test
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