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QUOTE originally posted by Astra the Floof

Are we allowed to trade pokemon/items/Currencies for a Steam Giftcard?
I will look into this, I think it's not allowed but I'll have to check Steam's ToS. Edit: due to gift cards having monetary value it's not allowed to trade them for the digital goods PokéFarm has.

QUOTE originally posted by Z4XX0N

Commenting to add that Aywas (aywas.com) does not allow trading with Pokefarm Q. their forum topic on offsite trading. screenshot of said forum topic ToS
Thank you, I will add it to the list

QUOTE originally posted by BubblegumPops

Are we still aloud to sell stuff on here for paypal I haven't been on since 2021 so wasn't sure
It's not allowed to buy or sell PokéFarm Pokémon, items or currency for Paypal or other forms of real currency. You can read about it in the Real Money Trading thread. The ban on RMT came into effect on 27/Jan/2022. The only exception is art; you can use PokéFarm to sell or buy art with Paypal.
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