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Delighted to see this return! With a change of thread came a change of Mons: Melan Meloetta and Melan Jestur have been replaced by Albini Duraludon and Albino Applin, respectively Melan Phantump may be replaced, depends on how Paldea proceeds after the next wave. Edit as of 22nd Jan: Melan Minior, Phantump and Gimmighoul replaced by Melan Gligar, Applin and Sableye respectively. Some goals as well, because Wynaut? - Wishforge Silver for everything (18/18) - Get at least 1500 points in each TR (4/12) - Additional goal: place in the top three in a tournament, ideally the top spot (Obtained) - Host Ghost TR next month (Birthmonth) (Obtained) - Speedrun Wishalloy Grass before July (Obtained) - Self-hatched Discovery Melan (Obtained, not an official goal, but still a milestone for me) - Hatch a Delta Melan (Obtained, ditto)

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Extra Melans

The fiery gal and good luck charm:
× 45 / 1000
An eventual Melan Munkidori hunt (Not actively buying at the moment) Credit to BlueBlissey for September ‘23 Normal Trophy
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