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Reminiscing back to when I started on the site I realized how different things are now. And ever since the unfortunately accident with the wiki, so many of the old sprites were lost to time. I would love to see if any other users on the site have pokemon with Dress Ups that contain old sprites. Those mons would be worth a lot for history. For example, I have this Typhlosion, hatched in 2016, she still contains the Dress Up with her original Albino colors. (Don't mind the Lazy Dress up XD) If anyone else has pokemon with old sprite colors I would love to see them so we can remember when we had mons that burned our eyes with their colors XD Please keep things civil, this isn't a place to complain or hate, just a little collection of history that had be lost so newer users and the curious can see what has been! And I'll never use this saved dress up for a Contest as it is most likely unknown if it'll update the dress up to the current colors. It is way too risky to test out. I have also Discovered that Past me was galaxy Brain and I saved the Original albino colors for Cyndaquil and Quilava as well! I never hatched the melan before the colors were changed, but these make me happy :D
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