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Single post in Cledo and Silver Adopt Shop OPEN!❤

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Cledànio's Avatarhypermode-12.pngCledànio
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This is Cledo's part
Hello! Glad to see you again! 💙
sprite by SilverRaven
Here are some rules: ● Do not doublepost. If you have questions - pm us; ● Made it clear to whom you speak. There are 2 of us!!! ● We can decline your offer if we have OTA adopts; ● Please, don't resell our adopts for IRL currency unless you spent money for buying art for adopt. Otherwise, we'll confiscate the character, and you will not be able to use it.
Open adopts:

Pride baby adopts

Price: 1000 zc : 5. mil OR $10 USD each! Trans Virizion SOLD Ase G Moltres SOLD

Cheap Lads

None ATM
Payment via PayPal is preferable rn!

Previous adopts

Midnight Miracle (Dark/Fairy Virizion)

Mountain Ghost (Braviary + Hisuian Zorua )

Cry Thunder (Electric/Dark Mega Absol)

The Boxer (Meowth + Meowstic)

Ghost Town (Gardevoir+ Chandelure)

Dead or Alive (Zoroark + Toxtricity)

Stasis (Glaceon + Minior)

Kid next door (Eevee + Deino)

Ritzy Pink (Leafeon + Lurantis)

Heartless Madness (Yveltal + Giratina)

Want to credit me? Here's my Toyhouse profile! Or you can credit my Tumblr profile! We also have a joint artshop here!
Thank you! We hope to see you again! 💙

Cledanio | She/They| Adult

summon_mun.png13/550 Buying at 20
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