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QUOTE originally posted by Aeopteri

As I believe Dappervolk has now exited Beta, will we be available to trade?
The trading limit with Dappervolk wasn't based on their beta status, but on ours. As written in their ToS: "Only games that are currently in full release condition qualify for “cross-site trading”; games that are currently in an alpha, beta, or early access state may not be traded with." PokéFarm is considered to be in a public beta state.

QUOTE originally posted by Shadowblitz

Want to go ahead and note that Dragcon Cave also does not allow trading either. (idk if it counts or not but might as well bring it up just to be safe. "Exchanging any sort of third-party currency -real or virtual- for eggs, hatchlings, or dragons is expressly forbidden." (DragconCave TOS) https://dragcave.net/terms
Thank you for informing us, I'll update the list as soon as I can.
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