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Hunt Post Seventeen

HM Duration of 25/Mar til 21/Apr Renewed: 21/Apr til 18/Oct
Mantyke wishforge evos [49♀S] [127♂S] [137 eggs] 25/Mar/2021—29/Mar/2021 Gastly wishforge evos [26♂A] [45♀S] [65♀A] [99♂S] [146♂A] [189♂S] [199♂S] [200 eggs] 30/Mar/2021—08/Apr/2021 • albino Nincada Rufflet type race hunt [12♂A] [18♂A] [56♂S] [81♂S] [90♂S] [104♂A] [128♂A] [130♂S] [149♂S] [200 eggs] 11/Apr/2021—18/Apr/2021 Type Race: Normal • albino Buneary • albino Starly Nincada [4♂S] [36♂S] [40♂S] [44♂S] [59♀S] [95♀S] [141♀S] [144♂S] [197♀S] [200 eggs] 18/Apr/2021—20/Apr/2021 Joltik [22♀A] [65♂A] [82♂A] [145♂A] [169♀S] [177♀S] [179♂S] [275♀S] [329♂S] [330♀S] [381♀A] [399♂S] [424♂S] [450♂S] [461♀S] [503♂A] [506♀A] [555 eggs] 20/Apr/2021—03/May/2021 Helioptile [116♂S] [123♀S] [146♀S] [200 eggs] 03/May/2021—07/May/2021 Mareep gem hunt [18♂A] [22♀A] [99♀A] [113*♂A] [129♂A] [*I forgot to note the number so this is a guess] [154 eggs] 07/May/2021—11/May/2021 Type Race: Grass • albino Lileep • albino Lileep • albino Maractus • albino Rowlet • albino Lotad • albino Grookey Pepyre kinda late special type race hunt [43♀S] [79♂A] [98♂A] [139♀S] [158♀S] [181♀A] [204♂A] [210♀S] [211 eggs] 11/May/2021—18/May/2021 Assorted Electric for wishforge gems • albino PichuGrubbin S1 / Grubbin S2 / Grubbin S3Grubbin A1 / Grubbin S4 / Grubbin A2Grubbin S5 / Grubbin A3 / Grubbin A4 [Grubbin: 450 eggs, May/20—May/29] Purple Tourney • albino Zubat • albino Illumise • albino Zubat • shiny Crabrawler • albino Noibat • albino Noibat
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