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The rules in this post specifically cover Auctions. Last updated: 23/August/2021

17. Do NOT alter the rules of your auction.

Once a player has placed a bid on your auction, you may not alter any of the conditions of your auction. This includes:
  • The Pokémon/item(s)/currency being auctioned off.
  • The auction's End Date; see Trade Rule 18.
  • Payments you will accept as bids.
  • The Minimum Bid; if you choose not to set a minimum bid, you must accept the highest bid at the end of the auction, even if it's lower than you wanted.
  • The Auto-Buy price; if you choose not to set an auto-buy price, the auction must continue until the end date selected.
  • Once the first bid has been accepted, the auction may not be canceled or deleted. Be very sure you want to sell before creating your auction.
Any alterations you wish to make after the thread has been posted must be approved by a moderator before the change is made.

18. All auctions MUST set an end date.

When you create an auction, you must select an end date. End dates may not travel or be changed, except as noted below. Always keep in mind that SYSTEM will automatically delete your auction 14 days after the thread is created. Note: Anti-snipe rules are allowed within reason. Under no circumstances should an auction be allowed to extend more than 6 hours past the set end date, and each anti-snipe time period should not add more than 30 minutes to the auction. Anti-snipe rules must be clearly laid out from the start of the auction.

19. All bids must be public knowledge.

Bids may not be made in secret. Bids are not allowed to be anonymous; each bid must have a username attached. If a bid is sent by PM, a new post in the auction thread must be made with this information so all bidders are made aware. This includes auto-buy bids sent through PMs. Auction update posts done in this matter are considered special-case announcement posts, and are not subject to double posting or early bumping rules.

20. Treat all bidders equally.

Treat all bidders on your auction with respect. Do not show favouritism towards particular bidders. Information provided to one bidder must be provided to all bidders. For example, if you tell one bidder that you value a certain item or currency more than another, that information must be placed in the auction thread so that all bidders have the same information.

#21. Highest bids may not withdraw unless outbid.

Once a bid has been accepted as the highest bid, there is a pending trade agreement in place between that bidder and the auctioneer. This is binding until a higher bid is accepted in its place.
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