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QUOTE originally posted by Narflunk

QUOTE originally posted by Mystery-Penguin

If there is a lot of infomation to back up, once a week may take several hours to back up due to the backlog of infomation it has to duplicate. And i feel that might be worse than a daily backup. 20 minutes a day, compared to missing out on several hours in a day, It seems more like the 20 would be a lot better.
It has already been said that the time it takes will not change if it is a weekly backup. aim guessing the way the back up works is it takes a "snapshot" of what the website looks like at the time of the backup, not going through and documenting all the changes that have happened since the previous one.
I must have missed that bit about the time not changing if it was weekly, My apologies ;3; But i get what your saying. Either way, i'm easy with whatever they do in the end XD

QUOTE originally posted by Leopardmask

Lol, I was wondering why I'd never encountered the backup downtime! I'm so used to it happening at 00:00 on Flight Rising (which is only 1 hour away from my time zone so still during a time when I'm asleep) that I didn't even realize there WAS downtime for that on here :P
edit: after comparing times, its 9pm not 8pm on my side XD sorry X'D You're lucky X'D For me, flight rising updates at about 6pm, depending on daylight savings, and PFQ generally updates around 8pm which is a lot more noticable for me since i'm on at that time X'D

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