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Shiny Scramble, Chapter 5, Ten Base Power is a Disappointment

Buguitar was wandering route 202. It was a rather normal day, but her hands were replaced by blades. She tried picking up a berry to eat, but her blades cut it into a million pieces. She tried drinking some water from a puddle, but her blades cut it in half. She tried playing catch with some other Kricketots, but she cut the ball in half. "Way to go Chalkboard." "Chalkboard messes up again." "Hahaha, Chalkboard failed. Let's all laugh at her." An army of Kricketots where all laughing at her. All eyes were on her. "Everybody stop!" she cried. She slashed at the Kricketots. Everyone she knew was gone. Buguitar began growing taller, and then she woke up. Buguitar's heart was pounding, but it was all just a dream. She was with Wish who constantly encouraged her to do better, and Shiny who had brought Wish to her and took her away everyone she used to know, a majority of them who bullied her. Everything was alright. And then she noticed her hands where replaced by blades. "AHHHH!" Shiny woke up. "Buguitar what the matter..." She said sleepily. Wish jolted awake. "Buguitar are you okay?" Buguitar realized she screamed inside a pokemon center, and that everyone was looking at her. "I'm... I'm fine." Buguitar ducked down, her cheeks red. Shiny stretched. "Yawn, so today I was thinking we would go towards route 203." "That sounds good, let's go!" The trio walked to route 203. Buguitar was at the front of the party. Michel:"I'm full of energy because I get power from my pokemon!" Buguitar was up against a level 5 Bidoof. Shiny wasted a turn while the Bidoof growled. Buguitar prepared her scythe to try out her new move fury cutter. Bidoof hardly took any damage. Bidoof tackled back. Buguitar growled while the Bidoof tackled back. Buguitar rushed in with Fury cutter while taking a tackle. The Bidoof looked like a 4HKO. Buguitar growled while taking a growl. Buguitar fury cutted Bidoof and the Bidoof fainted. Buguitar won her first battle after evolving with only taking 5 damage. To her it felt amazing. As per Wish's humility virtue Wish was up next. Wish switched into a Zubat. "Shiny I don't think I should battle... What if I break my temperance again? I don't want to risk it." Shiny Sighed. Wish was beginning to act like Buguitar, and one overly timid pokemon was enough. Shiny knew not to argue with Wish's virtues and switched in Buguitar. Buguitar took a super sonic. Buguitar was confused. Didn't Wish want to help everyone. Then why would he not want to help out in battle? Buguitar went in for a fury cutter. It did almost nothing. Zubat leech lifed in return. "GGORLORLEW!" Zubat leech lifed again. Buguitar tried to fury cutter again. Zubat used leech life and did one damage. "Grolrowlrw!" Zubat super soniced Buguitar again, and for some reason the 50% accuracy move hit again. Buguitar went in for a fury cutter but got distracted by looking at Wish and tripped on a rock. The Zubat leech lifed Buguitar. In rage Buguitar attempted to fury cutter again, it hitting this time. The Zubat leech lifed. Buguitar began to gather her emotions but fell backwards. Buguitar knew she was done for with only 8 health left. Buguitar desperately tried to gather her emotions again... leech life... leech life... strike! Zubat lost nearly half of its health. Buguitar Fury cutted with all her might to be leech lifed in return. Shiny checked her bag to see her only healing item was an antidote. Buguitar desperately growled. Zubat used leech life. With the last of her strength Buguitar charged at Zubat using Fury cutter but missed. The Zubat used supersonic, but missed. Buguitar gave a weak growl. Finally the last of her health was drained away by the Zubat's leech life. Wish was in shock. Due to his own selfishness of wanting to keep his own virtues he let Buguitar faint when she needed him the most. Maybe the way he was looking at things was wrong. Maybe he shouldn't stop battling all together to follow his virtues, but instead help if his team really need it. Wish was ready to face the Zubat and avenge Buguitar. New rule! Well more of an alteration. If Wish is the highest leveled pokemon and his disobedience could kick in he may only battle if the rest of his team is either in the red zone or have fainted. Wish pounded the Zubat. In one hit the Zubat went from a little above half health to one health left. Wish took a leech life and a super sonic. Wish was hurt by leech life and confusion of whether he was even following his own virtues at all. Wish wiggled his stub and used super sonic, that hit. Zubat flew into the ground leaving him at one health. Wish pounded away Zubat's last health but felt terrible. He leveled up, and let Buguitar faint. Michel:"Oh! My poor Bidoof and Zubat!" Shiny ran to the pokemon center. Both Shiny and Wish turned to Buguitar and asked "Are you okay?" "I'm fine." Buguitar couldn't believe she lost to a Zubat after evolving. She swore if she saw another one... Shiny went and checked the pokemart. Shiny bought 2 potions. She also bought ten pokeballs because they are awesome. Shiny now broke with only 108 pokedollars left went back to route 203. Shiny found and picked up a pokeball. She ran into a wild Starly. Buguitar was out. She began with Fury cutter while taking a growl. "Grolwrlowl!" while taking another growl. Buguitar then alternated between fury cutter and bide until the Starly fainted, scoring a critical hit with the first fury cutter. Buguitar finished the battle with 30 health left. Dallas:"We're always together. I'll show you how we've bonded." Buguitar was out against another Kricketot. Shiny wasted a turn. Buguitar took a growl. Buguitar used fury cutter while the Kricketot growled. "Grolrolw!" While the Kricketot used bide. Buguitar followed suit. Buguitar wanted to avoid damage but as soon as her bide stopped the Kricketot's started again. "Grolrolw!" Shiny wasted a turn so Buguitar wouldn't be hurt. Buguitar used fury cutter. The opposing Kricketot somehow was faster than Buguitar and used bide before she could fury cutter. Buguitar used bide in an attempt to bide the damage from bide. Buguitar finished off the Kricketot with 22 health left. Could feel power flowing through her and leveled up. Dallas:"It's got me down." The trio continued along route 203. Kaitlin:"I found a trainer while looking for some pokemon!" Shiny wasted a turn. Buguitar took a tackle. Buguitar used fury cutter while the Bidoof used tackle, it's only move. "Grolrolrw!" Buguitar used fury cutter and the Bidoof went down and a Budew took it's place. Wish came out for a moment only to let Buguitar back in. Buguitar faced a growth. Buguitar used fury cutter while taking an absorb. Buguitar then gathered her emotions... Absorb... Growth... Strike! Budew used absorb just exiting the yellow zone. Buguitar used fury cutter again. The Budew fainted. Due to Wish's humility Wish switched in only to be switched out again. Buguitar took a growl from the foe's Starly. Buguitar fury cuttered hardly doing any damage. Starly growled again. Buguitar gathered her emotions... growl... tackle that missed... strike? But only then did the tackle hit. Buguitar fury cuttered again while taking a growl. Buguitar gathered her emotions... tackle... growl... strike! The Starly went into the yellow then used tackle. Buguitar used fury cutter and the Starly fainted. Kaitlin:"Hun? Your finished so soon?" Shiny rushed to the pokemon center. They then came back. "Hey Buguitar, I was thinking that we should grind you a little so your the same level as Wish." "Um... okay." They battled a Starly, Starly, Starly and Starly. Shiny could have sworn one of them was holding an ID card for the Pidgeonation. Buguitar grew to level 12! The trio headed down route 203. Sebastian:"Gimme a battle so I can see if I'm ready for the Pokemon Gym challenge!" Shiny:"Well if you don't have anything over level 9 than I say you defiantly aren't." Buguitar was out against a level 7 Machop. Shiny wasted a turn. Machop used Leer. Buguitar used fury cutter while taking a low kick. "Grolrwolrwl!" Machop used low kick that was a critical hit! Buguitar gathered her emotions... low kick... low kick... strike! Machop was at half health and used leer. Buguitar used fury cutter that was a critical hit! It felt amazing to Buguitar as her sycthe smashed against the Machop as it fell to the ground. Sebastion:"I guess it means I'm not ready for the Pokemon Gym challenge yet..." Shiny quickly healed Buguitar then came back. Madeline:"I got a nifty-keen Gym Badge from the Gym Leader in Oreburgh City!" Shiny:"Is there any reason why you keep on capitalizing the words that have to do with a gym?" Shiny wasted a turn. The foe Starly used growl. Buguitar gathered her emotions... quick attack... tackle... strike! Buguitar one shoted the Starly, and it felt awesome to her. "Let's go!" Wish switched in for humility. Wish pounded the Bidoof while taking two tackles. "Here Buguitar, you should get some experience too." Wish switched out. Buguitar took a growl. "Grolrolrw!" Buguitar took a tackle. Buguitar used fury cutter while taking a growl. Buguitar gathered her emotions... growl... tackle... strike! Bidoof growled. Buguitar used fury cutter. The Bidoof fainted. Madeline:"Oh, I lost. Lalala!" Shiny wondered how someone could have beat Rowark with two level 5 pokemon, one of them being weak to rock and neither having a move that wasn't no very effective. They ran into an Abra but ran away. Shiny found 175 poke err a repel. Buguitar defeated a Shinx and saw a sign. "Hey look Oreburgh city. It's just beyond this Zubat infested cave." Buguitar shuddered at the memory of the last of her energy being sucked away with two sharp fangs. "Um... maybe we could... heal first?" "Okay" said Shiny. They went to the pokemon center then headed back towards route 204. Buguitar knew she had to act fast. "I um... saw something really shiny in that direction. Yeah, it was super valuable." "Someone could have dropped it. Come on Shiny we have to check it out." "But Zubat cave..." Shiny was forced to follow her two pokemon who were heading west. Buguitar had an large grin on her face. Shiny was catching her breath. "Can you believe it." She said to a random fisherman. "My pokemon..." "Love fishing?" The fisherman finished. "Do you also love fishing?" "I guess it's pretty cool" Shiny answered. "Then take this. The all mighty old rod. Scientifically engineered to catch Magikarps 100% of the time. May the Magikarps be with you." Shiny showed Wish and Buguitar the fishing rod. "Well I know what we are going to do now." The trio walked to route 218. "Ooo a stick! What are we going to do with it?" "This," Shiny answered. She sat down on a small island and cast her rod. Normal Magikarp... Shiny tried to cast it back into the water but Wish and Shiny couldn't escape. The Magikarp splashed fearsomly. Buguitar walked over and threw the Magikarp back into the water. Shiny continued to fish looking for something that wasn't a normal Magikarp. Two Magikarp latter a shiny appeared. Wish readied himself. Wish started to chant something. And you all know the terrifying move that Magikarp used. "Give it some words and a sweet harmony." the Magikarp fell asleep. Shiny threw a pokeball. And it worked! Shiny named the Magikarp Fishbun, after a really weak enemy in Ittle dew 2. Shinys encountered:12 Shinys caught:8 Wish checked along the bridges. "Huh I don't see anything here." "Wait... I'm well... not really used to my scythes yet and I meant to point northwest. To you know route 203." She was umm... encouraging expansion of the team. Buguitar couldn't think of anything beyond this to stall going to zubat cave. "Then we must go there. Someone could have lost something really important." Shiny was then dragged by her pokemon to route 203. They walked around with Wish at the lead. After searching through the tall grass for a while and what felt like over 20 wild pokemon they encountered a shiny Starly. Wish pounded it to the yellow zone. Shiny just wanting something out of this threw a pokeball. Shiny promptly named the Starly 3000 Years as that was how it felt to Shiny how long it took to run into a shiny with Wish in the lead. Shinys encountered:13 Shinys caught:9 Shiny sort of wanted a Shiny Budew but after how long it took to find 3000 Years Shiny was out of it. "Okay we have searched for a long time and have found nothing. Let's just go to Zubat cave already." "But we found an old rod, Fishbun and 3000 Years along the way. But we never did find that item that someone could have lost..." Shiny thought for a moment. "Your right, we did get an old rod." They went to the pokemon center then route 204, facing Zubat cave. Buguitar twiddled her scythes nervously. They stepped into Oreburgh gate. "Oh and did I forget to mention that Geodudes are actually more common than Zubats in this cave, or at least according to this wiki page I pulled up. Look you can also evolve Eevee into Steeleon here by running around the outline of the cave 3 times tossing 3 pokeballs each step while Eevee knows bite and encounters a wild pokemon on the last step that causes Eevee to level up. It's a wiki so it must be true. Too bad I don't have any Eevees though." Shiny took a few steps in. "Shiny? that Steeleon thing sounds like a lie, how does tossing pokeballs affect evolution?" Shiny shrugged. Buguitar's eye twitched. There wasn't leech lifeing Zubats every step, there were geodudes too? A Hiker approached and said, "Oh, lookie there! You've got a Poketech! Hm... You're still a pretty new Trainer, aren''t you." "Yeah I guess." Shiny answered, "I only have 9 shinys and 17+ hours of journey time." "But it's all good! You're a new fellow friend of pokemon! So, let me make a gift of this hidden machine to you!" The hiker handed her HM06, rock smash. "Thanks!" Shiny replied. "That's a hidden machine..." he droned on about HMs and Rock Smash, nothing she didn't learn at trainer school before she went on this journey. Though if you asked her riding Tarous to call at any moment to smash rocks sounded much more practical than wasting your pokemon's move slots. Shiny began thinking dreamily of what she have heard of the Alola region, and team skull. "...outside of battle." She nodded and pretended she was listening to what the Hiker just said. The trio headed deeper right into the cave. Suddenly, Curtis:"We Trainers will accept challenges anywhere! It's what we do." Buguitar was up. Shiny wasted a turn. Buguitar took a tackle. Buguitar ran to the Shinx and Fury cutted the Shinx's tackle. "Grolrowlw!" Shinx leered Buguitar. Buguitar used Fury Cutter again while taking a leer. "Grolorlolrw!" Buguitar took a tackle. Buguitar charged at the Shinx with fury cutter and the Shinx fell. Buguitar could feel herself getting stronger, and gaining a level. Curtis:"Hmm... Insafishently raised?" He said. Shiny wondered if he was talking about his own pokemon. They headed deeper into the cave. Wish encountered a normal Geodude, but fled. Diana:"To celebrate my getting through this cave, I'm going to battle you." Shiny:"But the exit is right there." Shiny pointed ahead. Diana:"Do you know how many Zubats are swarming this place? Go Budew!" Shiny wasted a turn. Budew protected herself from fire by covering the battle field in water. Buguitar used fury cutter on the Budew causing the Budew to go to the yellow. The Budew used absorb and healed a single health to go back into the green zone. "Grolrowlrw!" The Budew grew in response. Buguitar went in for another Furry Cutter. The Budew fainted. Wish was up next. Wish switched into Psyduck landing a critical scratch. Wish took two tail whips and two scratches. Wish began to chant something. The Psyduck landed another critical scratch. Wish pounded the Psyduck. Wish was tail whiped in return. Wish's Wish came true and was healed back to 24 health. Wish wiggled a stub and used psych up. The Psyduck responded with a tail whip. "Raise your voices all day now love grows strong now." Wish sang. Psyduck fell asleep. Wish pounded Psyduck. Psyduck immediately woke up and used tail whip. Wish wiggled a stub and used last resort and Psyduck's last HP fell away. Diana:"Well', I guess losing is something to commemorate too..." The exit was up ahead. The trio exited Oreburgh gate. It led way to the blinding light outside. Shiny read a sign "Oreburgh City, City of Engery." Shiny was confused. Didn't school teach her Sunnyshore had solar panel streets? "Wow this town looks so nice!" Wish cheered. A young boy walked up to them. "Howdy, Trainer!" "Hello! How are you?" The boy continued, "If you don't have a single Gym Badge, other trainers will look down on you like you're a total noob, right?" "What kind of door knob?" Shiny asked. "Yeah gyms are the best kind of challenge way better than those awful trials in Alola." "So I'll show you where the town's Pokemon Gym is." The boy finished. "Thank you. That's kind of you." The trio followed the boy. He saw the gym entrance and mumbled "Huh? There's someone there. Is that guy there your friend? He looks twitchy and impatient." "I guess he is?" Shiny answered. "Though he has been doing a lot of deteriorating my pokemon's sanity this journey." Shiny turned to her pokemon, "I guess we could talk to him, but I was thinking we could look around Oreburgh gate some more." "Yay exploration!" "As long as there aren't any Zubats..." The trio healed then headed back into Oreburgh gate. They took the upper path this time. But there were rocks. "Well that didn't go very far..." Shiny started walking around the cave with Wish in the lead. They encountered a normal Geodude, Geodude, and then a shiny. Wish wiggled a stub and used embargo. The shiny Geodude tackled Wish, then fell in love. Wish pounded the Geodude. Geodude was looking at how cute Wish is. Wish started chanting something. The Geodude was still staring. Wish started singing "Sing a song about, love oh love." however the Geodude was to busy mud sporing to notice. Shiny threw a pokeball, and it worked! Shiny named it Nugget as it looked like a gold nugget. Shinys encountered:14 Shinys caught:10 Wish cheered at making a new friend. They ran around some more a normal Geodude, Zubat, and then another Shiny Geodude came up. Wish wiggled a stub and used ice fang, freezing the Geodude in the process. Wish backed away so Buguitar could get in. Buguitar switched into the Geodude thawing out and defense curling. "Grolrolwlrw!" the geodude continued to curl. Buguitar gathered her emotions... tackle... mudsport... strike! The Geodude defense curled in the red zone. Buguitar ran forward and fury cutted the Geodude. The Geodude tackled in response. Buguitar gathered her emotions...Mud sport... Tackle... strike! The shiny Geodude fell giving Wish and Buguitar some experience. The trio then walked out of the cave. Shinys encountered:15 Shinys caught:10 The trio went to the pokemon center. "Ah so soon we are facing Rowark. I've heard he has rock type Pokemon. Buguitar are you ready for this!" Shiny asked Buguitar. "No..." Fainting from a rock type move, none of her moves being normally effective. Buguitar rubbed her scythes in anticipation of what was likely to happen. "Dont worry Buguitar I've got your back." Wish looked at Buguitar with a look of determination. Buguitar smiled. "Alright after lunch it is." Shiny said, "We'll head over to the Gym and challenge Rowark. Though we will probably have to face Barry who is at the entrance of the gym." Wish sighed. Buguitar let out a small growl. The began to eat lunch.

Team so far

Wish the Cleffa

Wish the Cleffa - level 12 Pound Sing Wish Metronome 34, 13, 14, 16, 19, 12 Virtues: Kindness, Humility, Temperance Too easy and too hard options Despite how little I've used Wish this chapter he is still my MVP. Pound does damage, wish heals, sing sometimes give me free turns and metronome is either helpful or useless, and cute charm sometimes gives Wish free turns. Wish's main flaw however is that he hit the level for disobedience. This causes Wish to waste turns or use a different move than the one I selected. I'm kind of afraid of giving him exp as he levels up so fast and the self imposed rule I added. Disobedience is just ruining everything, when I want to heal Buguitar mid-battle with wish Wish takes 7 turns to use it sometimes, for plot reasons I added a self imposed rule that makes me afraid to use him in battle or else he will over level Buguitar, arg I really wish they would play test the disobedience levels instead of saying they where good. Still overall Wish is more useful than Buguitar.

Buguitar the Kircketune

Buguitar the Kricketune - level 13 Growl Bide Fury Cutter 44, 30, 20, 20, 18, 22 I thought evolution would change everything. Buguitar would start 2HKOing everything, but I was wrong. Fury cutter has only 10 base power, which hardly does anything. I have found moments where bide did more damage than fury cutter which I found sad. Though Buguitar does have more bulk now so at least she an handle single battles by herself, unlike Wish who could keep going due to wish. Though near the end of the chapter Buguitar did start fulfilling what I wanted more being able to 2HKO or 3HKO most pokemon who didn't resist her, but Starlys are everywhere and up soon Zubats Geodudes and other rock types will be everywhere. At least next level she will learn leach life, that can maybe make her better? Still I've spent the majority of the chapter trying to raise her level to at least that of Wish's.
Still overall I'm just waiting for a mon that is obedient and has a good damaging attack that isn't RNG dependent and takes 3 turns to use. Hot Air please come soon. (Though it will probably be another 5 chapters or something like that.)
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