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Single post in Acottontail's probally a journal

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ACottontail's AvatarACottontail
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temporary shop stuff

Hello there this is my little shop.


1.Subscribe to the thread when you order. 2.Use the correct form 3.Please do not trade in any of the shiny/Albino pokemon here for Delta points. I'm not completely sure what happens to I know they get put into Sally's feilds, but is there a limit to how many pokemon Sally can keep?
but I would be sad if they ended up being deleted from the site. 4.Please be polite when ordering. 5.When I send you a trade please respond within 24 hours. 6.To prove you have read the rules in your forum capitalize the U in 'What your ordering'. Also as an extra note, all purchases in ZC get 2 free large training bags with their order.

Shiny/Albino Noibat

I am currently selling shiny and Albino Noibat. A list of Noibats for sale is in this post. They are under the rest of Noibats with a blank owner: Shiny Noibat prices:250 Gp, 75 ZC, 50 gems, 1 water token, 3 green tokens, 9 yellow tokens, another shiny that I like, 2 for another Albino I like, 1 summon, 2 tier 1-3 megastones, 1 tier 4-5 megastone Albino Noibat prices:400 Gp, 125 zc, 80 gems, 2 water tokens, 6 green tokens, 18 yellow tokens, 2 shinys that I like, another Albino I like, 2 summon, 3 tier 1-3 megastones, 1 tier 4-5 megastone + 1 tier 1-3 megastone.


Summons for sale: All cost 150 ZC Thunder Fang X2 - Raikou GS Ball - Celebi Ruby Orb -Groudon Magatama-Mesprit Kusanagi -Azelf Lustrous Orb -Palkia Griseous Orb -Giratina Megastones for sale: Persianite Q Espeonite Q Weavilite Q Prices: 500 GP, 150 ZC, 3 water tokens.

Bags/stones/berries/Relic copper

Type Small Medium
HP x32254 x13161
Attack x33467 x8555
Defence x33611 x13541
Sp. Atk. x23461 x13914
Sp. Def. x23214 x6777
Speed x23614 x8545
Other x3434 x3379


What your ordering: payment: Anything else?:
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