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Fifth Hunt Post

For the HM duration of 09/June til 08/July. And the month after that too, 08/July til 5/Aug. Might wait a day before I refresh it. So my HM and ÜC sync up again. And at that point I may as well start up a new post...
Crabrawler Hunt Stats fighting gem/wishforge hunt [98♀S][176♀S][240♀S][270♂A][274♀S][308♂S][363♀S][375♂A][395♂S][486♂S][508♂S][525♂S][527♂S][532♂S][692♂S] [692 eggs] 06/Jun/2017—19/Jun/2017 Stufful Hunt Stats gem/wishforge/tournament hunt [52♂S][161♀S][209♂S][294♂A] [300 eggs] 19/Jun/2017—25/Jun/2017 Passimian Hunt Stats gem/tournament hunt [40♂S][104♀S][177♀S][231♀S][253♂A][342♂A][429♂S][473♂A][476♂A][480♀A][484♂S][524♂S][648♀S][695♂S][709♀S] [709 eggs] 25/Jun/2017—12/Jul/2017 Riolu Hunt Stats gem/wishforge/tournament hunt [70♂S][200♂A][215♂S][248♀A][270♂S][285♂A][300♂A] [325 eggs] 13/Jul/2017—23/Jul/2017 Sawk Hunt Stats gem/albino hunt [22A][31A] [48 eggs] 23/Jul/2017—24/Jul/2017 Croagunk Hunt Stats gem hunt [65♀A] [131 eggs] 24/Jul/2017—25/Jul/2017 Stufful Hunt Stats gem/albino/wishforge hunt [79♀S][96♂A] [108 eggs] 25/Jul/2017—26/Jul/2017
Timburr Hunt Stats gem/wishforge hunt [59♂A][61♂S][87♂S][116♂S][161♂S][164♀S][169♂S][194♀S][297♂S][304♂A][333♂S][342♀S] | [101♂S][108♂S][110♀S][136♂S][152♂S][183♂S] [335 eggs @ HM death, Aug 5 / 342 eggs | 200 eggs] 26/Jul/2017—10/Aug/2017
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