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Hello fellow Pokefarmer! I had a Sprite Guide of Shiny, Albino and Melanistic Pokemons, with huge tables full of the sprites. Although it's been deleted
because it crashed page-speed testers O.O
, the PFQ wiki has the sprites from there. It has one problem though - my thread functioned as a newsfeed to the farmers as well: we could see which melan sprites was discovered, or how does the new MCW megas looked like. But fear not! I came back to make this thread to fill the loss of this 'newsfeed'! How would this work? Every Monday
I'll try my best to update every mondays, I swear to Arceus... Or my beloved Torchics!
I'll update this first post with the last weeks findings. There will be 3 tabs along with it with the last 3 weeks findings to not crash a page-speed tester again XD So there will be just altogheter 4 updates in this post, and I'll always delete the older ones.
Due to massive stress and anxiety in my life right now, I won't update this first post until further notice. All new discoveries are to be added directly to the Wiki itself and you always can see them on the last pages of the thread! Sorry for any inconvenience! But I'd like to ask you a favour: I can't do this by myself as I couldn't do the sprite guide, so please, if you find any new sprites that is not in the last few pages, post it here~ <3 Thank you very much, I really appreciate it! Please, do not spam! Everything which is not posting a sprite is considered spam, so please avoid it for the sake of the thread! Thank you~ <3 If you have comments or want to share your impressions with the sprite, please go here~ Also... Some Rules, because we need them. #Rule 1; Please allow 24 hours for the owner/hatcher of the melan/albino/shiny/normal to post the sprite. If they don’t post the sprite in 24 hours, feel free to post it. #Rule 2; Do NOT edit PFQ sprites (Gen 6+, Megas, and fakemon) to show off an example for your idea of colors without asking for permission first! To request permission to edit a sprite, please go here! Notes:
  • I would like to include the new pokemons - fakemons and PFQ megas - normal sprites as well
  • There is a list at the end of this post with the missing sprites' name. Please help me find them and post them to help the Wiki Editors' work~
  • Do you have the first Melan (or shiny, albino) <insert pokemon name here> or know something who has it? Please, visit Elta's wiki firsts page and submit it, if you can~
  • You have hatched a female melan and there is a gender difference? Don't worry, you can grab the male sprite from the PokéDex!

How to grab the sprite's URL

Zeroth step: find a missing sprite If you have found one, where is the pokemon? Is it in someone's party? The easiest way, if the pokemon is on someone's field, because you need to just right click it and copy the image's url. If the pokemon in someone's party or you are in the pokemon's page, there are different methods to grab it from each browser.
  • For Google Chrome: Right click the sprite, choose inspect and then copy the image from there.
  • For Firefox: Right click on it, then "View background image". You can now grab the url from there.
(Please PM me, if you are using another bowser and you know how to get the url! Thanks~ <3) Once you have got the url, you can put it in [*img] tags ([*img]url[*/img] - without the *) But fear not, if you are on phone or can't grab it or any other reason, and you are the first one who have spotted the sprite or you are the one who hatched the special pokemon, you can always copy just the pokemon's summary and we will grab the picture from there. Thank you for the help~ <3

Miniguide to uploading and labeling missing sprites to the Wiki

QUOTE originally posted by Kodiak

When uploading an image, there is a large box below it for information to be entered, note that it isn't the bar that says 'Summary' next to it. Which is where the categories can be added! Each region has three different Categories: Category:[Region] Shiny Pokémon (Images) Category:[Region] Albino Pokémon (Images) Category:[Region] Melanistic Pokémon (Images) So, for example: Category:Alola Shiny Pokémon (Images) Category:Alola Albino Pokémon (Images) Category:Alola Melanistic Pokémon (Images) In order for them to work, double brackets must be added on both ends of it, so it looks like: [[Category:Alola Albino Pokémon (Images)]] Then click 'Submit' and everything is done! :)
Also, here is a big shoutout, to everyone, who have helped in some way making the original Guide, editing the Wiki or helping there. You are all awesome and a great help, thank you~ <3
Avatar is made by HotTubz ordered here. Collecting (mostly) missing and special deltas + deltas for Trebor! Pm me, please~ <3 ~*~*~¤~*~*~
Don't want to fall behind with the new sprites? Sprite discovery thread~ and you can discuss them in the Sprite Discovery Discussion~
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