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My Third Hunt Post!

👻 Gastly Hunt Stats 👻 [133♂S][#?♀A][188♂S] [207 eggs] some time before—19/Oct/2016
HM started @ egg 88 Plus a Dratini "hunt" that produced nothing.
🐙 Inkay Hunt Stats 🐙 [26♀A][57♂S] | [#?♀A
hatched during pokerus so no known number; between 180 and 196 maybe
Impish; sold to RWBY
] [57 + 401 eggs] 31/Oct/2016—14/Nov/2016 HM started @ egg 250 Drilbur Hunt Stats [37♀S][176♂S][200♂S
Hardy; sold to Alpha Wildfire
Lax; UFT
Bold; sold to UshaDraki
] [275 eggs] 15/Nov/2016—23/Nov/2016 Pansear Hunt Stats [49♂S][70♂S][147♀S] [153 eggs] 24/Nov/2016—28/Nov/2016 Munna Hunt Stats [45♀S][156♀S
Relaxed; sold to SpaceySul
Adamant; UFT
][226♀S] [260 eggs] 29/Nov/2016—3/Dec/2016
Rockruff Hunt Stats [13♂A][116♀S][130♀A][186♀S][201♀S
Adamant; sold to UshaDraki
Gentle; UFT
Brave; sold to RWBY
Jolly; sold to Ladyofc
Relaxed; sold to KAKarma
Jolly; sold to Rider
Adamant; sold to Minato
Gentle; sold to Lokitty5000
Brave; UFT
Adamant; UFT
Adamant; UFT
Lonely; sold to AI
Adamant; UFT
Hasty; UFT
Rash; UFT
Bashful; UFT
Modest; UFT
Mild; UFT
Gentle; UFT
Naughty; sold to AI
Quirky; sold to charizard2
Timid; UFT
Naïve; UFT
Adamant; UFT
Impish; UFT
Hasty; sold to Morzone
Quirky; UFT
Quirky; UFT
] [1050 eggs] 3/Dec/2016—24/Dec/2016
Salandit Hunt Stats [53♂S][81♂S
Gentle; sold to AI
Jolly; sold to Rider
Gentle; sold to Wilfurs
] [570 eggs] 26/Dec/2016—7/Jan/2017 HM died ~7am Jan 1/17 Crabrawler Hunt Stats [48♀S] | [48 + 42 eggs] 7/Jan/2017—10/Jan/2017
Needed Rehunts: ➤ Albino Drilbur x2 ➤ Albino Pansear x2 ➤ Shiny Female Salandit
✩ [ Me
Lex | They/Them pronouns
Hunt Chain! 399
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cutiefly art by me!
TR Score: 2931
stand up be strong know right from wrong forever hence
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