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Scour Slot

Scour Slot

Account Upgrade

(: 0)

Increases the number of missions you can do at once. Up to two of these may be used.

Sells for 500

Lv. 100 — +2,335,406
Aspear BerryAspear Berry
Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryAspear Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryCheri Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Any food
Happiness 27%
Serious nature
??? food
??? food
??? food
??? food
??? food
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Type Race:
Breakneck Blitz (Normal)
Joined: 11/Oct/2016
Starter: Vulpix
Rank: SSS Champion
Judgment Gemwish Badge
Adamantium Fire Gemwish Badge
Adamantium Water Gemwish Badge
Adamantium Electric Gemwish Badge
Adamantium Grass Gemwish Badge
Adamantium Ice Gemwish Badge
Platinum Fighting Gemwish Badge
Platinum Poison Gemwish Badge
Platinum Ground Gemwish Badge
Titanium Flying Gemwish Badge
Mythril Psychic Gemwish Badge
Adamantium Bug Gemwish Badge
Titanium Rock Gemwish Badge
Platinum Ghost Gemwish Badge
Platinum Dragon Gemwish Badge
Adamantium Dark Gemwish Badge
Platinum Steel Gemwish Badge
Mythril Fairy Gemwish Badge
when life gives you melons

About gezeïchnet

hello, you might know me already, i am sadl ! i am currenty really struggling with money irl so im selling all my valuables (personal cs collections, s/a legends, melans,...) and am drawing for currencies ! links: art shop selling valuables i am also swapping all my currencies on here for money, so if youre looking to buy some for cheap (1$ = 100zc = 500gp = 500,000cr), shoot me a pm ! stock: 5220zc 215gp 30010129cr my paypal is sarah.liisa.gruber@gmail.com ! every little bit helps ! ty;;
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