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audse: "A close to perfect site!"★★★★☆

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 21:40:59 (7 years ago)

Pokefarm is a really great site in most aspects. It has been coded and recoded so much that it works spectacularly, fast and with features very well thought out. It's so addictive too, I've been playing on and off for 6 years now. What keeps me coming back is the feeling of progress and goals, something that the original games had a lot of too. Also, very relaxing! Probably the best part is just the game mechanics. Its very intricate but easy to learn and learn more as you go on. It also works well as I said and I encounter very few bugs. This makes for a great foundation; most of the things that aren't perfect are just surface, not imperative to the function of the site. For example, I don't like the market. We used to have the shop, and I think it was a lot better. I dont think that users should be create such a capitalist economy for only like, an evolution stone. This may be biased as I got used to fairly easy to obtain items through the shop, but I don't like markets like this in other websites either. Also, the staff doesn't seem that friendly! It's not necessarily that bad of a thing, but it's a bit surprising and offputting sometimes. I totally understand that you all have a lot to deal with, and I can't really think of how to say this without being rude, but I'm just used to like, customer service being a priority! Then again, this is a website, not a company. Another thing that I dont think is really helping the site is some of the design and art elements. I don't mean to offend anyone, and as an artist myself I do honestly like most of it and think it's pretty well done, but there is art in a lot of differing styles, some of it much newer than others, and a lot of it seems done very quickly or without too much thought. This is kind of true for the sprites and egg sprites as well, they seem to be made without much care, and almost too simple. And I promise, I'm not just bitter that I wasn't hired as a spriter! I am a bit bitter about having to restart my pokedex multiple times though :^) And like I said, a lot of the design of the site looks weird to me. I actually like it quite a bit for its weirdness, but I can't really say that it looks very good! One thing that is really great about this website though, especially in the recode, is that the mobile version works so well! I almost prefer it to the desktop. Really a wonderful job. Overall, its a terrific site. I focused mostly on the negatives here because I'm sure it gets so many compliments, but I just want all of the staff to know you're doing great and please keep up the good work. This site is a part of my life, and everything you all do means a lot to me. I hope I didn't ramble too much! Thank you for accepting reviews and I hope it goes swimmingly!

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