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RoosterBud: "More than just sorta fun! I'm here all the time!"★★★★★

Posted: 06/Feb/2021 19:26:00 (1 year ago)

I joined this game on the second of February, 2021, and I'm already on this game every day! Regarding the tutorial, something all new players will go through, it took me a few hours, but, all in all, it was totally worth it! The tutorial did its job (tutoring the user on what they can do), and really paved the path that players follow. Here, I'll address the thing most people see this place as: Another browser game to adopt Pocket Monsters. Here on PokeFarm Q, you get to adopt eggs, either from the Pokemon Shelter or from the Prof. (Holly) herself. You'll usually wait up to four hours, but some of the rarer eggs can take much longer. For example, I just hatched a Chansey a few hours ago. I had to wait 12 hours. But its not at all a simple AFK PokeFarming game. You go around delivering "clicks" to other players, to raise their Pokemon's EXP Levels and lessening their eggs' timers, and in return, they almost always return the favor. You get to hunt for Shinies and Albinoes, along with the super rare combination, known as a "Melanistic". You get to raise your shiny & Player ranks. You get to fill each region's Pokedex & Eggdex. You get to collect & learn about the Fakemon created for the game. You get to complete challenges. There's so much to do! And what if you somehow run out of things to do? You can erase literally all of your Dexes' progress and start over again. And, unlike many other browser games, PokeFarm Q is not a Pay-to-Play, nor is it riddled with advertisements. Any purchase done is completely done by your own free will, and you really can't accidentally purchase something, as to do that, you'd have to go out of your way to do so. Overall, PokeFarm Q is amazing. This is what I do in my free time; when I'm not writing books, doing classwork, taking care of the dog, playing D&D, etc. I'd no doubt recommend it to my friends the Pokemon fans. -Rooster_Bud, signing out with a 5/5 review.

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