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Nachtali: "Good Job"★★★★★

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 21:36:47 (3 years ago)

I very much enjoy this site. The premise is fun, the community is great, there are so many intriguing goals to fulfill, depending on what you want to do, everything's well-balanced, and events are there to draw you back in. From what little I know about coding, it's excellent. There are few errors, it's rarely laggy, and just works well. If I had any complaints... hmm... - Still no minigames (:P) This wouldn't be a complaint, really, but they've been advertised on the main webpage since I joined, over a year ago. I totally get it, coding takes time and the recode was more necessary, but I was always a bit confused about them. It doesn't really need changing or anything now, but that was weird. (also I am SO excited for the minigames :)) - Weird Market Prices Now, the market functions well for the most part... but the lowest price for an Ice Stone is 790,000. :/ It'll probably fix itself after time, when Ice Stones become just as common as any other, but right now it's sorta broken. I'm not sure what could be done to fix it (maybe being able to buy them for 3k credits from a travelling trader for a limited time or something??? idk just tossing out ideas here). Apart from that, the market's nice and I enjoy it. I'm not sure if it would be possible or a good idea, but I think having GP as an option in the market would be nice. ... after typing all this, I realize I should probably have gone to the Suggestions forum. I'm just gonna submit this anyway. Again, good job staff! Your hard work is noticeable in just how good the site is, and the art is beautiful too :).

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