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Kaibel: "Great Community"★★★★☆

Posted: 28/Jul/2017 11:18:01 (2 years ago)

This is one of two games that really hooked me in my search for collecting games, the mechanics are generally very tidy and well made/managed. The tutorial isn't overbearing, complicated, or particularly drawn out which may be one of the reason I've been here more than a few days. Overall the game feels very smooth and just as complete as the official games. The people on this site are generally very open and accepting, in my own experience. It generally just feels like a safe place and community, which is sometimes difficult to find on the internet. Overall, I only have one thing I think is annoying and one thing I miss. I'm always annoyed that I can't check when the pokemon in the daycare can evolve, though I'm unsure of if it can actually be coded in such a way considering the button to check when they can evolve is also the button to evolve them. I was disappointed to see the beautiful artwork attached to some pokemon disappear, but it's understandable since such a task is a massive workload when there are so many pokemon.

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