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Fated: "Large Game, Can Be Slightly Overwhelming, Good Time Killer"★★★★☆

Posted: 16/May/2017 02:36:43 (4 years ago)

This is one of the larger browser games I've come across. While having a seemingly endless options of activities, goals, and what not can seem great, it can be a tad it overwhelming, especially if you are new, or have taken a long hiatus. Although there is no set way to play the game, one must dive into the mainstream to obtain certain items, which, albeit, is how most things work. This is one of the main reasons I left, as with being a new parent I do not have the time to figure out the ever changing and growing environment. However to someone with a lot of free time, this is an excellent game that provides just the right amount of challenge. The staff are transparent and friendly enough, and more than willing to answer questions. They are some of the more professional and easily accessible inter-web people I have come across. I have been with PokeFarm since the days of PF1, and was one of the last remaining people to be with PF1 till it's doomsday. PFQ has been a great remake of PF1, combining the old and new almost flawlessly (save for a few bugs, but that is to be expected and understood). Niet, Garthic, Sei, and all the staff work their butts off what seems to be round the clock, and the genetics of the site reflect this. All in all, it is a 4/5 rating, with the -1 star being to how overwhelming things can be when you are getting (back) into the game. I read through some of these reviews before posting (particularly the negatively rated ones out of morbid curiosity, and I believe the staff (Niet especially), are well versed in handling rather rude comments without coming across immature and "I'm an admin i do what I like lalalala".

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