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Arualiaa: "I joined two months ago, and this feels like home."★★★★★

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 20:16:31 (1 year ago)

This has got to be my all-time absolute favorite browser game, and I'm an avid gamer in the genre with very old Neopets and Gameforge accounts, who started playing Cookie Clicker when it was first released as a rudimentary beta and had played Candy Box and A Dark Room before that. All of these are wonderful games, no doubt, but there is something about Pokefarm that tells me I will be playing this game for as long as it runs. It just clicks (heh) all my buttons: the completionist in me craves to complete the Pokédex, the artist in me is encouraged by the community to create original content and pixelwork, which despite being into Pokémon for more than 10 years I had never considered, and I even get some oldschool forum nostalgia by getting to use BBCode again. There is no harsh penalization for not logging in every single day, as other games do, and the community is so kind and heartwarming it gives me fuzzy feelings to enter the chat. It's almost surreal. Everyone respects everyone else's pronouns, there is no negativity, and people treat children with respect. If I had kids I would feel 100% safe leaving them in this site unsupervised. I have been struggling with mental health for years, and this website has reminded me of those simpler times in the early 00s when the only thing kid me worried about was to commission art from my friends' 'shops' (they were free. we all dreamed of those mythical paypal accounts our parents had) so I could have a pretty signature, and to create long, formatted guides for new users to peruse. There were hardly any internet trolls, and children were safe talking to twenty year olds because the conversation topics never strayed into edgy territories and were always kept in a positive light. The internet needs more sites like Pokefarm.

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