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The Nicest Acts Of Kindness On This Site?

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Iceland is the real MVP- he's been sending me the spares from his Poochyena hunt so I can raise them to evo them for my Dark badge. Thanks to him I've gotten almost half of what I need. Couldn't have done it without him 💖
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I've got friends who have given me melans, but the greatest thing was when a stranger gave me their X pass for free! I feel so bad that I can't remember who it was, but i love them <3
Audrey here has gifted me a Melan, a Shiny Arceus, a HM Voucher and a few tooooo many S/As- <33333 icedragonboi gave me a Shiny and Albino Victini because he knew I loved Victini- <3333333 Everyone here's so nice! Thank you~
SQ☆She/Her☆Gravity Falls Fan The name's Slytherin Queen! But just call me SQ ^^ Saving for Victini hunt!!
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If you've ever given me a Victory Medal~
Will add later~ My Pokesona, Vicky, by AudreyC27 (First tab)
Victory belongs to the most persevering ~Vicky

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