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Wynaut is best baby PKMN, meet me in the pit.
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I don't like shinnies. I think the originals look better.
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MCW is a tired and overused event and we should have a monthly event that changes the goal for the player to reach. A large number of IP, a number of specific items from scours (for example, find 30 berries in scours this weekend), harvest 32 berry plants in the garden, catch 100 fish, etc. There's plenty else to do around site that wouldn't be as aggravating as clicking 10k on mobile but would also keep players around and active on a weekend.
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Kinda on a tricky terrain, but. I dont very like the concept of Arceus rank. Why it have to be the only rank that you lose the bonus? Each time there is a new pokemon, we have to sight and sometimes pause our hunt just to hatch a new egg and something the pokémon take crazy to evolve. And all that time, you are without melan bonuses for your hunt. I know you still have the long chain bonus, but Arceus bonus is so much greater that it feel like necessery when you really want a melan. If I have to suggest something, and I won't because I have too much forum subs' I already get lost easily, it would be either make Arceus rank a little harder to lose, like not having to have all the egg dex, or just 97% to 99% in a way that each new pokemon dont immediatly remove your melan bonus. Maybe even adding a rank after Arceus that would be just to be pretty. Like the diploma in pokemon when you have fills all the dex. Before the shiny charm was a thing in the game, it was your only price, the feeling of achivement. I always feeled like Arceus rank should be more like that, instead of something you just feel like needed. Ya know? Like the shiny rank. But for the dex.
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Unpop opinion: pokefarm NEEDS a reboot. The current tutoria is very vague and confusing. ive introduced a couple people to the game who stopped playing because they didn't understand what was happening. Niet coould of course just add a better tutorial but i think the site could really benefit from an overhaul. Especially since itll be more transfer friendly than pf1>pfq
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I can one-up you all on unpopular opinions and cause major controversy here on this entire website. You’re going to literally ban me after this. Get the boss music going. Ready? I dislike the entire Pokémon series as a whole. It’s really bland and whoever likes and plays it must be absolutely boring—
Ok jk, but seriously now... I have a couple here. Charizard is incredibly overrated. I mean yeah, it’s the first fire type starter and it does have some good moves and stats, AND it’s some peoples’ first starter. But... it’s just everywhere. o3o It’s just praised to death and completely overshadows the rest of Kanto. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having Charizard as your favorite Pokémon, but I personally think it gets way too much attention and praise than it actually deserves. And I don’t know how unpopular this one is, but I think the Kanto pokedex is far from the best pokedex there is. Also, I think Kanto is SUPER overrated. I don’t think it’s the worst, as there are some great Pokémon that came from it, and it basically debuted Pokémon as a whole. For that, I give it a nod. It has a few Pokémon with good and creative designs, but I constantly see people talking about how uncreative the later generations’ pokemon are in comparison to Kanto. Firstly, not true. There are plenty of creative designs throughout all of the gens. Secondly, um... Grimer? Seel? But ok if it’s your opinion... I just think Kanto’s pretty overrated. Again, nothing wrong with liking it, but I think it gets too much praise.
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i think beedrill deserves just as much love as butterfree.. i know its nothing special competetively but it's kinda always been that running joke in the series where the main cast gets chased by a whole swarm of beedrill and its honestly one of the most memorable things from the anime to me ...i remember very weird, small things...
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