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Charsaurtle's AvatarCharsaurtle
Charsaurtle's Avatar
Whup <3 First melan. Started as a gem hunt without HM. I'm satisfied.
Shop<>Journal Collecting: 500k credits / 500 GP / 100 ZC / Other (Please check shop) ~Weirdo~ Image: X
Charsaurtle's AvatarCharsaurtle
Charsaurtle's Avatar
Re-organizing my journal... >.>
Charsaurtle's AvatarCharsaurtle
Charsaurtle's Avatar
I'll be hoarding some currency/items for the future! I still have quite a few months of HM left and ZC to buy Ubercharms, so why not hunt some shinies for other people? Hopefully Sally is nicer to me with my hunting luck now that I'm hunting for other people. Rules -No legends or anything -I'm only willing to hunt a full line of something (for ex. 4 Bulbasaurs since there's Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Venusaur, and Mega Venusaur. 5 Charmanders since there's 2 megas. -1 shiny species per order per person until your order is done, then you can order again. -It would be helpful if you could send a Pokemon or two so I can make a pair -No albino orders UNLESS I randomly hatch one, then you can buy it if you mention it in your post -I will NOT take gender/nature requests; unless you state in your post and I happen to hatch two in the same party or something -Please offer fairly -These will be paused for specific tourneys and type races Orders - Not sure how interested people are in this, but I'll be testing it out!
Charsaurtle's AvatarCharsaurtle
Charsaurtle's Avatar
My S/A/M luck is weird 🤔 A bunch of eggs and only 2 albino Natus, then an albino Xeraora. Custom shiny hunt of Vulpix yields a melan. Tourney hunt for Chingling gives me a melan. Z-crystal and no albinos. Few days later, one comes up with no crystal. Sally. Bless me with more good luck please <3
Charsaurtle's AvatarCharsaurtle
Charsaurtle's Avatar

Art by me

Bleps Art Contest of Adorable!

Addy and Dusk's Atypical Art Contest!

(About 7 months later...) Digitalized!

Mia's Art Contest

First Digital Drawing

For this thread here.

• Primarina's Art Contest - v3! •

Digital Noibat

For this thread here.

Request by Deeny01

Request by loucariogirl

Request by Dango

Drawn on paper, scanned, and edited on computer~

Requested by Raijin

Scanned and edited verion:

Requested by qwertypop

Requested by Miki Titan

Requested by Drocagen

Ryu's B-day Art Contest - Melan prize

an art contest and socks


Spoodlebug's Characters

Xa and Ze.

Feedback :D

(Cause it made me feel nice :3) "Having Ze protect Xa and his hoard from a menacing Sableye is a fantastic idea, and really in character! The poses are dynamic, the idea is well executed, and you clearly put a lot of effort into the shading and drawing multiple characters! Somebody has to stand up for my little guy, and you've made sure someone will! Thank you!"

Seviper X Furret Fusion

I auctioned this, Boltninja got it!

Birthday Card thingy

Feel free to use.

Bear Fusion

Teddiursa X Cubchoo X Pancham. Also auctioned this, Kelsium got it!


For Raijin's art contest.

Wolfiest's Character-Rainer

Swag4Tails' Nameless Drago

Beemoji's Character-Elric

Beemoji's Character-Thomas

Infernapefan2's Character-Amantinda

Infernapefan2's Character-Dewbro

UnrealCoconut's Character

Persona OC Contest


OC Contest

OC Contest

Memorial Day Contest

Amadeus and Poe


Charsaurtle's AvatarCharsaurtle
Charsaurtle's Avatar
Getting over art block kinda. Some random Pokemon fusions drawn by me: Inspo
Charsaurtle's AvatarCharsaurtle
Charsaurtle's Avatar
Guess what a mountain chicken is.


Charsaurtle's AvatarCharsaurtle
Charsaurtle's Avatar
Weird melan luck from Sally once again. Chain of 366, not complaining :D
Charsaurtle's AvatarCharsaurtle
Charsaurtle's Avatar
"Why am I so weird?" I say out loud as I talk to myself.
Charsaurtle's AvatarCharsaurtle
Charsaurtle's Avatar
First time albino determined by event :ooo

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