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UPDATED [12st APR 2019] Journal Rules

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Journal Rules

  • Journals should be used as storage of information and cataloguing your life on PFQ. Real life situations can also be documented as long as they’re appropriate and not rule breaking in themselves. Journals are not allowed to be used for the following reasons: • A chat thread If the owner of the journals allows you to post on certain topics then it's okay. However, this is only to give opinions/thoughts. This should not escalate into a full discussion. One or two posts is acceptable, more than that is going into chat territory. • A guide thread There's a whole sub-forum and a wiki dedicated to teaching users how to do things • A list of people you've blacklisted While Blacklisting may be necessary, public blacklists are not allowed. Keep them in your notes or on your desktop.

  • You are only allowed one journal in each section; one in 'Journals' and another in 'Mature Journals'

  • All journal posts should be child-friendly; the usage of hiding tags to hide more PG content is acceptable. Swearing in journals is not allowed unless they’re 18+ rated – in the mature forum.

  • False information and slander/libel are not acceptable. Comments/posts found in journals that are damaging and false against PFQ/its users and staff; will be removed or the user prompted to edit the post/comment. Action will be taken depending on the severity of the libel/slander. These include forum locks, deletion of journals, etc.


    False information and /Slander/Libel; Stating things like 'The staff removed this thread because they don't like me' would be false information. While saying 'The staff removed this thread due to it violating this rule' would be acceptable. There is no lie. No twisting of truth for it to come across as something that isn't the situation. If it's damaging, false and the information twisted - it will fall under this.

  • You are allowed to state your opinions on situations about the current state of the site. But if they’re slanderous or can be seen as unwarranted ‘attacking’ they will be removed/you will be prompted to edit. Remember that journals are public, as of such the posts will be moderated.


    This is more about, let's say you don't like the market or have issues with it. You can indeed state that you don't like it, your issues with it. Etc. If however, you crossed the line into making it a personal attack, like saying Niet is a 'so and so' for making this. Then that's a big no-no. Opinions are fine, but they can be given without attacking someone/something. It's more about being mature. Another example would probably be saying 'I'm afraid of staff' that's okay, I suppose, you do you, that's your right. But going on to say 'I'm scared of staff because they abuse their power and witch hunt me' - yeah, big nope.

  • Please be aware that freedom of speech doesn’t apply here. PFQ is not an American website, and ‘Freedom of Speech’ protects the citizen from the government's censoring of their opinions, etc.

  • Only the owner of the Journal may post in their journal regarding starting a topic/posting an article. Other people posting is allowed if the user allows it. But remember, this is only to get opinions/thoughts - one/two posts are allowed. A full on conversation should be reported.

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