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Username: Queen Klance Nickname(s): Keith, Catra. Sites Where You Post Your Art: https://www.deviantart.com/queenklance Extra: Need to get back into drawing. c:
I glisten in the sun like a vampire. Avatar drawn by the amazing Novan-chan.
Animela's AvatarAnimela
Animela's Avatar
Username: Animela Nickname(s): Ani, Mela Sites Where You Post Your Art: My Deviantart Extra: I mainly work in Pixels but I also do Big boi Artz.
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>(ouo)< I haz more space. Feel free to PM me, I don't bite!
Shazi's AvatarShazi
Shazi's Avatar
welcome my children, come in and sit down. We have plenty of brown crayons for everyone! welcome ani and klance to the clan~
4097 Steel Gems to Next Badge
Avatar art by Me
I've been struck by- I've been hit by- ...an artblock ;-;

Typhlosion/Pidgeot Fusion

I ended up not liking how the muzzle turned out + irl stuff and now im stuck in an artblock Need a boop to get back my mojo and anyway to improve the head
All the new memberz~ After finishing this post I will update the members list. I though it would be time to post some of my palette monday stuff XD

Dino Madness

Allosaurus Pachyrhinosaurus Nigersaurus Coelophysis
Trying out a new scale style, with just colors instead of lineart and Im liking it so far! @Pikachuisepiclol: The muzzle looks fine to me o3o loving the design so far! So maybe it is the artblock messing with your head. What tends to help me is to work on a different drawing instead to refoccus my mind on it later.
Avatar and signature made by: me
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MagicSoda's AvatarMagicSoda
MagicSoda's Avatar
Tried a pallet monday (which is unusual as i don't normaly have time on mondays) and tried various way to use the same pallet on the same image before scrapping it all out of frustration and settling with a simple shadeing instead. Here it is,Micha, one of my Oc's.
SpõrköBug's AvatarSpõrköBug
SpõrköBug's Avatar

Wacky Wednesday!

Hello guys! It's me again! This weeks WW is Royalty! Have you got some Original Characters that are Royalty? Or ones who will look absolutely Gorgeous in some robes and a crown? Are you characters a Tyrant or a benevolent leader? I'll choose one person from this weeks WW at random and give them a shiny!
The Glittery Joltsodour~! Avatar is Shazi Art Glittery Shop Journal! Roleplay interest check; check it out!
BluefÒxxÓ's AvatarBluefÒxxÓ
BluefÒxxÓ's Avatar
So I was doodling on ms paint with my friends yesterday and today I drew my nintendo switch with my fav game booted up. Its supposed to be memey
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avatar made by Absoreon, sprite lab banner made by me.
Dark deltas, shoot a pm!
Oh-- I forgot to post this gal here! I made a new OC to revamp my art shop later~

Big Image of a Big Girl

will also be looking to get commissions of her later because she's an adorable mom gloop. (Goodra/Slurpuff fusion)
All Art by Me
Buying Clear Bells!
Fenføxeries's AvatarFenføxeries
Fenføxeries's Avatar
I'm going to draw character designs for every sign of the chinese zodiac, started off with the tiger! Here she is!
Signature and avatar made by me. It's a fennec fox, my favourite animal! Originally EspeonGem

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