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Ohey it's my journal of random things. Stuff will go here when i get around to it. No posting here please, if you want to ask me about something I put here PM me I'm just wanting to use this as a dumping ground for stuff too big to go in my "About Me" section and whatever doesn't belong somewhere else.
Full Incense

Full Incense


(: 0)

An exotic-smelling incense that gives a feeling of being bloated.

Sells for 48,000

Lv. 100 — +5,635,208
Aspear BerryAspear Berry
Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryAspear Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryCheri Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Any food
Happiness MAX
Hardy nature
Random Mass Click List

Over 3000 DarkNova181 Meu Zan Kamilejszon Eltafez RedCydranth OkamiWW SweetSacrifice Shiro Permafrost Krambambuli Moire Gijs879 yCr BananaLizard Tabitha Mori Juice Sandslash666 Garthic Muffinnz Khisyra Spiker125 Scorpyia Mail Jeevas Uzumi Kase mwc Sei
2000 to 3000 Wintersun N Harmonia Temporal Moriiarty xxEcho FrostFlame SerraTaylor Karakara Blahsadfeguie Blue Natsunoha DustWolf Petaminx Førbidden schleifi HybridYuki Discowing Silver-lugia Vashiel Kyassuru Aoibheal PokeFarmerJ Strausberg Mom Tinebell Persephone Sable HyperBeam
1000 to 2000 blackkitten Garney CaramelLyth chidorigan Damia8 drkrogue MageofMip DireLuna Daenera Starship Torva Shiro1877 Tigris xpi3zx frawcasci Naiyala Constantine SayakaMiki Toothless Atropos MidnightKiss Espy AuronXavier VampyreWolf KikiTheCat Aiylish purplehippos Blade Russel xWolfx MyMaddog xpi3zx Allvar Spiritsavvy KISS4ever fyrecat1965 MimiMohawk moonwolves. Shdwhntr525 Kyrie FireDraco11 Zephyrus Mary83 Eireyney Akwest Jarshi Ruhler Blueflame101 UkuLeni BigRip Dark14 Daenerys Shazi Zeta Jester
500 to 1000 Duchess ThisFluffyFox iSammiSam xXKaitoXx Saskia1982 Acree Cass812 Myseeker wanderlusting SnowGirl579 BrokenIris CaptainTango Piikas Trebor kitestrings fayemist Stark Dormicor Kitszy Acacia Unity100 judith Rei YummyToes Nephele ZephyrFoxworth duckee Savage-Shifter Hitch-Hiker VampPrincess Fox Alteran Faetan portal Nilume LittleCare Lostcalls ratgirl34
500 or less BlueKat12 Coiffwaff Urik0 chibii NuclearRac00n Void Suki DG-Kamikari Nakia Absollover2 bunsdream Kels Nox Hemulen Kaede Reed GenociderSyo Cyndatoffee Wolfang7 Ravyne Accy
Pokemon Hoarding
Priority One
Absol goal:infinite hoard Primary Hoards
Sableye goal: 40 of each flavor prefence Eevee goal: TBD Evovling most into Umbreon (possible infinite hoard) Poochyena/Mighyena goal: TBD Fenniken/Braxien/Delphox goal: TBD Side Hoards
vulpix/ninetales growlithe/arcanine riolu/lucario zorua/zoroark Feel free to give me any extras you don't want. Thanks to all of you who help me with my hoard! Last hoard update (old thread) Last Hoard update (new thread)
Shiny (and now Albino, too) Hunt Log

Personal Hunts Planned: this is way out of date as many things were added after it was made
Personal Hunts Done: Koroku (Melan) Started 11/May/2015 [28] +1 Albino (removed all hunt logs but that one for the sake of traking how rediculously long the hunt went)

QUOTE originally posted by Niet

Who's Neit? Is there some evil clone of me stealing my identity à la Wario? Cuz I'm already evil enough!

Absol of the Month*

*suspiciously innocent humming* *subject to lengths of time longer or shorter than a month depending on what I feel like
Artwork Commission Storage Area

Custom sprites by Void

Custom sprites by Void: Absol/Zoroark/Lucario fusion Dancing absol

Sprites by DarkEmpress

Custom sprites by DarkEmpress

Stuff by Zan

Stuff by Zan: ///
full size

Sprites by Absol4life

Sprites by Absol4life

Avatars and permission storage

free to use by zan. art shop here https://pokefarm.com/upload/TechmasterSM4000/VWbLoO.png *
local copy for when cubeupload wants to be a butt
https://pokefarm.com/upload/TechmasterSM4000/KvueSE.png *
local copy for when cubeupload wants to be a butt
Eltappoved Stamp collection
made by Eltafez, free to use
So I was talking with Zan and she surprised me with a doodle of Hungreon:

mini version, for about me

[tip=Zan made me a doodle of Hungreon XD][url=http://pfq.link?yxC1][img]https://pokefarm.com/upload/TechmasterSM4000/hungreon_zan_doodle.png[/img][/url][/tip]
Zan made another drawing of him here and gave me permission to make an avatar from it here
Scarfy (my Eevee) and Lucy (Absol4Life's Absol) sleeping together Drawn of course by Zan.
ChãrzãrdStãr: Do people even read these days? Scarfy: OH NO I CAN'T READ! D: Me: Scarfy, you don't need to read. You're an Eevee. Scarfy: Oh yeah....I forgot... ^^;

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