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Eltafez's AvatarEltafez
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That's vaguing and thus not allowed. x:
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Emily Jones's AvatarEmily Jones
Emily Jones's Avatar
Hi, I have a question reguarding crediting art: if I were to use an official Pokefarm sprite of a pokemon, is there someone specific I should be crediting? Or should the credits read "offical Pokefarm sprites used"?
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Eggy's AvatarEggy
Eggy's Avatar
If you're just embedding a PFQ sprite like you would any other image, then I believe that regular credit to PFQ itself will suffice (my signature is an example). If you're looking to use a PFQ sprite to create some sort of art however (such as recoloring/editing it or putting it in a post style), in addition to the crediting you also need to seek permission in the sprite permission thread. Will probably need to wait for mod input though to confirm this.
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Huntess's AvatarHuntess
Huntess's Avatar
i have 2 questions pleaze! im sorry if they have already been awnsered, im pretty blind ._. in also on mobile, so sorry for bad spellings :S 1) is it possible to make a "blocked" or "ignore" list in my Journal? this is for people who havent been the nicest to me in the past, and who have been dealt with by the staff when needed to. the list will ne completely hidden, and be the users names and the reason why they are in the list. no one will see the list except me because their hidden. i hope thats okay :S 2) for the Spoilers stuff, i had a question. say someone has a pokemon fusion with say a gen 8 that hasnt been released uet. would they be able to PM an artist to draw them, as long asbthe artist is fine with spoilers? thank you :)

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Obstagoon's AvatarObstagoon
Obstagoon's Avatar
1, this is still a little touchy because it will still be in your journal and anyone can read your journal. Might I suggest using your Notepad? the notepad is personal to you and completely private. 2: yes, if they pm the artist and ask, and the artist is okay with it they may. But them or you cannot post the art until it has been released.
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Huntess's AvatarHuntess
Huntess's Avatar
thank you for responding ^^ ill deffiently post it in my Notepad, that sounds a better idea ^^ What if the art was posted through a PM? would it still be considered breaking the rules? sorry, I just want to make sure km not breaking any Rules X,.x
Obstagoon's AvatarObstagoon
Obstagoon's Avatar
Pm's are only visable to you and whoever you are messaging, aside from mods if they need to check them for rule breaking if a report is made. So if it's in pms with two spoiler welcome people, it's all okay! It just cant be posted to the actual forums yet
Huntess's AvatarHuntess
Huntess's Avatar
thats a great help, thank you so much :)!
StillHere's AvatarStillHere
StillHere's Avatar
Does people putting relevant information in tooltips break any legibility guidelines? I'm specifically referring to "passwords" in trade shops being hidden in a tooltip somewhere but being required before the person will accept any trade offer. Unless the person changes things about the dots for them to be bigger and more visible, it makes these shops fairly inaccessible if you have vision issues.
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rook's Avatarrook
rook's Avatar
I've got a question about the specifics of bumping. Do the time limits only apply in the case of double-posting? Specifically, if I make a thread in the trade forum that doesn't really require me to reply to other users' posts (an auction, for example), am I allowed to wait less than 48 hours to bump as long as I wasn't the one to make the last post? An example, because I feel like I maybe explained it poorly: I post an auction, User A makes a post with bid, and I edit the original post to update the HB but I don't make a post saying it's been updated because that feels unnecessary to do each time. So User A's post is the most recent post in the thread. 20 hours later, I post a bump – the post is made for the sole purpose of bumping the thread, because I don't have any updates or anything else relevant to say, but it's not a double-post. Is this allowed? I feel like it would be fine because of how the bumping rule is worded ("players must wait a period of time after their last post in the thread before they may bump the thread") but I'd like to confirm that, or know if I'm mistaken.
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