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Creative Nicknames You've Encountered

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Basically this is to be a thread about what people came up creative nicknames for their Pokemon. Please do not use names created by yourself as this may create a sort of bias, not to mention that to each is their own with regards to naming a Pokemon. As per the usual, please follow all PFQ rules So what are we waiting for? Let's get this started!

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Strangedoll's AvatarStrangedoll
Strangedoll's Avatar
An Apocalyptic Golett called The Iron Giant.
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MoistVaporeon's AvatarMoistVaporeon
MoistVaporeon's Avatar
I saw someone with a Ditto named Grape Jelly the other week, I can't remember if it was all caps or not though
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eeveelord's Avatareeveelord
eeveelord's Avatar
A whopper named 'woop there it is'
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Sand-Shrew's AvatarSand-Shrew
Sand-Shrew's Avatar
This is on a Pokemon game, not Pokefarm. 'Oh shoot he' so basically if it used something like hydro pump it would say oh shoot he used hydro pump
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geck's Avatargeck
geck's Avatar
Someone named a Combee "BEEthan". Also, I have a whole field dedicated to pokemon with weird names (i use them for wonder trading, you've probably got one)
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iCro's AvatariCro
iCro's Avatar
Wobuffet="Wow Buffet" Magikarp="Leonardo DeCARPio" sadly it's not pkfm q
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Mnkn10's AvatarMnkn10
Mnkn10's Avatar
A torkoal named Tor be or not tor be A magikarp named Karpet derpim Those are the only 2 that come to mind, but I'm sure I have others in my wonder trade fields.
A Turtonator named "Mega Torkoal Q". Poor lava turtle...
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Fattymccatcat's AvatarFattymccatcat
Fattymccatcat's Avatar
Mega dragonite named "jake long" i had to rename my own after seeing that one

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