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Aust's Shiny Shop (Current Hunt: Rookidee)

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Aust's AvatarAust
Aust's Avatar
Aust's Shiny Shop 1zc = 5gp = 5k credits

Shiny Galar Zigzagoon - 30gp

Albino Galar Zigzagoon - 60gp

Shiny Sizzlipede - 40gp

Albino Sizzlipede - 80gp

Shiny Skwovet - 40gp

Albino Skwovet - 80gp

Shiny Galar Ponyta - 40gp

Albino Galar Ponyta - 80gp

Shiny Litten - 40gp

Albino Litten - 80gp

Shiny Galar Meowth - 40gp

Albino Galar Meowth - 80gp

Shiny/Albino Maravol - 200gp

Delta - 20gp or Swap for any other Delta

Feel free to reserve a shiny/albino from my current hunt if there are none availiable. Current Hunt : Rookidee (Shiny = 30gp // Albino = 60gp ) Spot#1: Spot#2: Spot#3: ********************
Avatar Credit to LilypadLife
The Docile Male Inkay for my Rock Statue?
Selling almost all that I own for PayPal/iTunes/ (such as)/Possibly ZC ~Just DM me~
Aust's AvatarAust
Aust's Avatar
Trade sent, thank you :)
Thunderjaw's AvatarThunderjaw
Thunderjaw's Avatar
My 175 GP and GS Ball for a Shiny Male and Female Nidora ^^
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Aust's AvatarAust
Aust's Avatar
Sure thing, I'll send a trade and a gift.
ChaoticSmol's AvatarChaoticSmol
ChaoticSmol's Avatar
Could I have a shiny male and female nidoran for a Terracotta Épée and a Wishing Stone?
LF dragon delta Shinx (Lonely nature preferred) Current Icon by happyrave!
Aust's AvatarAust
Aust's Avatar
Sure thing, I'll send a trade and gift asap.
Bananaplan429's AvatarBananaplan429
Bananaplan429's Avatar
Hello there can I have one shiny inkay for 50 zc and a relic copper?
Aust's AvatarAust
Aust's Avatar
sure thing, I'll send a trade. 50ZC is enough, you don't need the relic copper :)
Thunderjaw's AvatarThunderjaw
Thunderjaw's Avatar
300 ZC for your 3 Albino Nidoran? :)

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