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holdplay's Avatarholdplay
holdplay's Avatar
Hi, so I've been here on/off for a few months, and I've yet to evolve any pokemon that need to be traded because I'm concerned that they would just be kept by the other person? I looked at the faq & a few threads, but I couldn't find any info about failsafes or anything. I apologize if this comes off as super distrustful, I've been conned in games before and I just want to prevent that from happening. If anyone has advice on how to make sure I keep my pokemon for an evo trade, please lmk :,)
Mirzam's AvatarMirzam
Mirzam's Avatar
If you make it clear in the original agreement that a trade is temporary for evolution or dex trade purposes, you can report someone to the mods if they do not return your Pokemon. Because the mods are so active, the general culture here is such that I've very very rarely had problems lending even very valuable Pokemon and items, and even then those were all mistakes, not bad intent. If you make a thread in the trade forum, you can usually find help pretty fast. Some people also say on their trainer card that they're willing to help with this kind of thing. (Feel free to send them to me! Just label them "trade evolve" in case I forget your name, and I'll send them right back!)
holdplay's Avatarholdplay
holdplay's Avatar
Oh, okay! Thank you for sharing all that info, I really appreciate it!! Glad to hear that you've not had any issues either, anyone I've talked to has been nice, I've just not delved into trading and that aspect can make me nervous sometimes lol. (I'll prob take you up on that! And thank you again!!)
MikoFerret's AvatarMikoFerret
MikoFerret's Avatar
I have never had an issue with trade evolving! Everyone here is pretty helpful. I usually get help from people who say in their profile that they will help with trade evos. Best way to do it is to send the Pokemon you need evolved as a gift so that the person helping doesn't have to send you a trade. They will evolve your Pokemon and send it back to you! I am always willing to help as well!
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Toxel's AvatarToxel
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to add to MikoFerret's post - in my experience its more common for the person you're trading with to send the pokemon back without evolving it, so you can evolve it yourself ^^
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