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Lab Hatching Specials

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Did someone hatched the same mon from lab and got their shiny/albino and melan why not. Is this even possible? I have all the 8 slots open and its still hard to get the egg I want. I need to reload multiple times not to mention this isnt even a rare egg.So yeah let me know.
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I've had it happen a few times that I've hatched one of my chain specials from a lab, the first one I could find is this Albino Wingull while I was hunting Wingull for the last type race. As for just lab specials in general though, those definitely pop up all the time during type race/tournaments. This is my collection of lab specials from the last type race (guess what team I was on ;]), though I have traded most of them in for DP now
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Nice. I had a few shinies randomly hatched from lab with no chain. Simply hatching 6 random eggs from the lab and 1 of them is a shiny. And yeah I know this is very rare. It only happened like 3 times and I am on this site for like 3 years I think. Anyway now I need to decide what mon to hunt only using the lab. Should pick a mon that appears often so I dont need to use too many lab reloaders(not that it matters as I have a lot of interaction points).

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