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Ichromos's Avatar
I just wanted to give thanks to the people who have helped me along the way so far in my PFQ Journal now that i managed to hatched Arceus! I barely started this game 56 days ago on the 27th of jan where one of my best friends Zealotte introduced me to this game. Ever since then, i've wanted to summon arceus, hit the rank "Complete!" and obtain all variants of Mew. Now that i've hit one of my goals, i figured i would make a thread to appreciate the progress that i've made so far and to give thanks to the people who have helped me! I am certainly enjoying this game very much thanks to the lovely community over here as well as the amazing mods who keep this game in check! With that said, u can use this thread to show some appreciation to your best buds over here in PFQ, Where pokemon and online friends come to life!

Aaron - 22 - He/Him

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Type Race and Hunt

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