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Truly Lost (Rp)

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Truly Lost


—The prophecy spoke of these events, yet no-one listened, now however they realised they should’ve, the modern world as we know it has started to crumble, troubled Pokémon have tried and failed to escape this fate, cities are slowly falling into disrepair, Massive cracks tearing into the street, who or what is causing this terrible corruption and chaos, huge rifts randomly opening out of nowhere, one of which you have stumbled into, you are one of many whom face this problem “The lost ones” as they’re called, therefore you and the other “lost ones” must unite to save your home—
Why not help stop these disasters Why not join “The lost ones”


1. You must follow PFQ rules. 2. Please do not post unless you have been accepted by myself. 3. Max characters is two ( I know it’s low but I get confused often) so if one dies feel free to make another. 4. Please do not kill or injure another users Character unless you have agreed to do so and they are completely fine with it. 5. No over powered Pokémon, that includes legendarys for reasons that will be revealed, Also no Pokemon that have no explanation eg. Type swaps, Fusions etc. 6. Please do not swear or use rude words, sure you can insult other Characters ( as part of the story) but please keep it light. 7. Do not send any hate to any characters who may be a part of the LGBTQ+ community, both in-character and out. All people are welcome. 8. Please don't write 1-2 liners or very short posts. Paragraphs of atleast 4-5 lines minimum are acceptable. The more, the better. 9. Also do not just put plain gibberish to fill in space. 9. Failure to obey these rules will give you a warning, three warnings and you are out of the RP.


please fill in Username: Characters Name: Species: Pronouns: Description: Other:
*Thanks for maybe joining*

Accepted Characters


Orion the Decidueye Played by me NumelNumelNumel Nothing in particular that is somewhat abnormal, though he has a mysterious aura, you feel like he’s always hiding something Also you’ve only just met him, or have you he seems oddly Familiar but you have no idea why, he is Blunt, unsociable, misunderstood and mysterious not much is known about him and not much seems to be behind his eyes


Galaxy the shiny umbreon Played by Maddie1315moop Quite secretive but is also half blind so won’t trust anybody


Lepida the Aegislash Played by Moondagger She is very thoughtful and depressed / depressing. Her eye conveys a deep insight. Her name means Blade in Greek. She finds the world a meaningless region of space and time, and her psychic and steel combo makes her a formidable enemy, emotionless and ruthless. She has emotion, but they've been buried so far down in her mind that she calls upon them only when she needs them, like a blade drawn from a sheath. She doesn't tell much of her inner thoughts and knowledge, but she is ancient and will reveal things only if she deems necessary. Her knowledge runs back to after the Legendaries were made and the islands formed and Pokemon created, but not long after, she was born and survived for a long long time


Luna the shiny eevee Played by RosaradeTea She’s a young and pretty nervous Eevee who wears a light green collar with droopy ears, before the disaster she lived in a tree with her mother and loved to take walks with her and look at nature. Her mother used to have a trainer before Luna was born, the trainer abandoned her to live in the forest. The collar Luna has is from her mother who stole it from a trainers store.
(Pls join)


The forest A large forest of majestic oak, sprawling roots and moss that thrives upon the bark of such trees. Dew lay on the ground, a thick mist blurring much of ones vision. You and many others have woken up here, all of them “lost” The city Well yeah just read the lore (If you would like to add one or write a description on one feel free)
Numel. Sprite by doofisconfused Join my rp! *Truly lost*

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