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extra button/option for sweet heart sending

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Orihime's AvatarOrihime
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Suggestion Title: extra button/option for sweet heart sending/trading Suggestion Summary: add an extra button/option to further decide how many "batches" of x1/2/4/8/12 sweet hearts you want to send out. for example: send out 5x/10x/50x/100x batches of either x1/2/4/8/12 sweet hearts at once. maybe that way the system messages could be reduced aswell (one message instead of 5/10/20 etc) leading to a better overview instead of having to click through pages of notifications to recount how much user X has sent me (in case I haven’t set up a trade post in the forum section). Positive points: would make trading larger quantities of e.g. 50 batches of x12 sweet hearts easier for the user. as it currently stands I have to manually count (or write it down) how many "batches" of x12 sweets I’ve send so far. Negative points: have to think of some Reason For Consideration: users would still have to actively trade with one another but the trading of primarily larger numbers of sweet hearts would be easier (freeing up time to trade with even more users?). Please feel free to add your thoughts! :)
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SeshieLover's AvatarSeshieLover
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I would love this as someone who likes to send out more than one batch of 12 a lot this would be lovely to have. if we could have less notifcations too that would also be awesome as that is a pain to count how many have been sent out.
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Mourning's AvatarMourning
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full support! i cant see any downsides to this except maybe not having enough credits to do the biggest batch, but those options could be greyed out if you didnt

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